Who do you say He is?

Read Matthew 16:15-19 (

How do you view Jesus?
Through the spiritual eyes of others or through your own?
Do you step inside the garden of God’s heart and take in the things He shares with you?

Sometimes we ride on the revelations of others and we don’t truly seek God to find our own revelations. Peter walked with Jesus, and saw the full revelation of who Jesus is. But the rest of the disciples saw Jesus as another prophet and not the Son of God. God wants us to get to know His character and the secrets of his heart. He has so much more for us!



He fulfilled the Law for us

Read Matthew 5:17 (

Throughout the Old Testament, before Jesus was born, many prophets and messengers were sent by God to lead the people back to Him. But each time there were still some people living unrighteously and going against the commands of God. Even some of the people chosen by God had sinned against Him.

Fast forward to the crucifixion, we can see how deeply God loves us that He sent His only begotten son to die for us. Jesus came to complete the Law. Now we get to go straight to God through the Messiah – the perfect High Priest. Oh, how He loves us!



Chosen and set apart

Read 1 Peter 2:9 (

God desires for us to be holy and set apart. It was always His plan for us to be part of His royal family- a royal priesthood. This is why He commands that we keep His commandments, statutes and His ways.

When the world looks at us, they should not see themselves as if looking into a mirror but they should be seeing a reflection of our Creator.

We are the only walking Bible some people will see.
Are you reflecting Christ back to others or are you reflecting another version of the world?



You are God’s mouthpiece

Read Exodus 4:10-12 (

Moses stuttered. When he spoke, it’s likely that people didn’t take him seriously. So, it’s understandable for him to doubt his ability to address the pharaoh. But God saw Moses fit to be the messenger and spokesperson of His people.

You see God doesn’t look at perfection because there are no perfect humans. He looks at our hearts. What Moses lacked in speech, he made up for in obedience to God and a heart to free the Israelites.

God chose Moses as His anointed mouthpiece and messenger, a man who stuttered.
What more can He do with you?