I often used to wonder how God could love me when I mess up every day. I say the wrong things, don’t always spend my time wisely and often I see how selfish I can be. I used to feel ashamed, like I needed to hide from God.

Have you ever felt this way?
Read 2 Corinthians 3:18 here –

We need to remember that God sees us as transforming/changing people – the more we seek Him, the more like Jesus we become and THAT’S how He sees us. Jesus died so that we could be more than our mistakes.

How incredible is that!



Let’s get real for a moment.

Have you thought about how you use your body? The world tells us to do what we want with it – but think about what God intended your body for?

Read 1 Corinthians 6:15 ( and verses 19-20 (

Your body was bought at a high price – the death of Jesus. God tells us we’re His and we’re on earth for His purposes. We are the temple of God, where the Holy Spirit lives. We are members of Christ’s body.

How will knowing this impact the way you use yours?



Depending on what grade you’re in, you might have had to take an aptitude or personality test to try and determine what subjects to choose or what career to pursue. Chances are you’ve taken a Buzzfeed test to find out which Disney Princess you’re like or what type of cheese you are.

We keep asking what these say about who we are and who we are becoming. But have you stopped to ask God who HE thinks you are? That’s where your true identity and future lies.

Read Isaiah 43:1-2 (, as well as Psalm 139 ( and be reminded of how well God knows you.



Read Ephesians 2:8 –

The world can be very performance based, be it sports, academics or socially. Point is, we are always driven to perform. And there’s a thin line between who you really are and how you perform. We can easily base our identities on our performance.

This verse however shows us the power of God and salvation, and the miracle it truly is. God says, His love for you, is all He needs to save you because our performance will never be good enough.
How powerful it is to know that the grace of God carries us where our performance fails us.