Let’s take a quick check of what’s inside of you. Put your hand on the left side of your chest. Heart. Yup, still beating. Ribs. Can you feel them pocking out just above your stomach? What about kidneys? Trust me they’re there! Anda rushing river. Surprise!

Read Jesus’ promise in John 7:37-39 (

You are not only made up of flesh and bone. You also have rivers of living water in you, the Holy Spirit, a gift of grace to all those who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

So, do a happy dance, ’cause living waters are swooshing around in you.



Did you know that the largest school in South Africa has just under 3000 learners! How does yours compare?

What if I told you that Jesus is concerned for everyone in your school (okay I know that) andthat you should also be concerned for them (Waitwhat?). That’s a lot of people to find space for in your heart. Especially those who are different to you.

Jesus says, in Matthew 18:12-14 (, that with His help, we can be like a shepherd who cares for ALL of the sheep, not just for some of them.

Who knew, you’re a shepherd in disguise.



Imagine someone in your Grade comes up to you privately and says, “Hey, I don’t have lunch today, can I have yours?” What do you do?

Imagine that on Friday night your Youth Pastor says, “Hey, I challenge you to wake up earlier this month for a devotional time.” Possible?

Jesus says, in Matthew 13:44 (, we’re like a man who sold everything he owned to buy a field with a treasure in it.

Sometimes, we don’t believe that we’re capable of sacrificing our needs or time, but Jesus says, “With my help, you’ll be able to give up things you never thought possible.”



Summer is here!
Find that beach towel (even if you’re not big on swimming).
It’s going to be a HOT one, thanks to global warming.

Jesus knew all about HOT days, living in a place that reached temperatures of 40 degrees!

Maybe that’s why Jesus said we’re like mustard seeds. Mustard seeds are tiny, but they grow into trees that provide shelter for birds and shade for people.

We can see ourselves as SUPER small and insignificant, but Jesus says, “With my help, you’ll be like shade on a hot day to the world.” Cool hey!

Read Mark 4:30-32 (