Overwhelmed by stupid

Sometimes I feel so weighed down by people who just can’t get their lives right.

Proverbs 27:3 ( talks about these kinds of people. It says that they’re heavier than rocks or sand. They’re hard to move. It’s hard to get them to go in the right direction, and they make you tired.

But here’s an amazing thing: your irritation with someone else is your problem, and not theirs. To love other people as Jesus says means you have to love even those who drive you mad. So this week, when someone really feels like a weight on your shoulders, remember that this is part of the wise life.



Bragging about yourself isn’t attractive

We all know THAT guy/girl. They’re the one who can’t stop talking about what they’ve done in their life. Their stories always have them as the hero. Argh!

That’s what Proverbs 27:2 ( is about. It tells us that we shouldn’t be THAT guy/girl. We should rather let other people talk about how great we are. We think that boasting about ourselves makes people love us, but it actually does the opposite. So this week, when you feel the urge to be THAT guy/girl, rather try to boast about how great Jesus is. He’s much better than you’ll ever be.



What does the future version of yourself look like?
Are you strong?
Do you have a hot husband or wife?
Do you have a big house and a nice car?

Proverbs 27:1 ( has some wisdom to share with us. We cannot boast about tomorrow, because tomorrow isn’t here yet. We always live today, and that can never change. Our future is always uncertain. The only thing we can do is to live now. So instead of being hung up on your future self and how amazing you’re going to be, rather focus on how you’re going to live TODAY.



What do you do with a kitchen knife, pencil, or woodwork tool to make it more effective?
We get them sharpened!

Study Proverbs 27:17 (

In the same way that iron sharpens iron, we become more effective when we ‘sharpen’ each other! We do this in good friendships or mentoring relationships. We ask good questions, pray for each other and lovingly point out areas of life that need to change so that we live in a way that honours God and others better.

Who is sharpening you?
How can you help another to better serve God and others?