What time are you in?

Is it time to laugh, or is it time to mourn?
Is it time to build, or time to break down?
Solomon says it best here:

Sometimes we need to be silent. Sometimes we need to speak up.
Sometimes we need to search and sometimes we need to give up.
Some may be in a UP season, others may be in a DOWN season.
We are all in different seasons.

And this is important for us to know not just for ourselves, but for others as well.
Who do you need to be gracious and understanding towards today?



Don’t believe the lies: you’re broken

The world loves to tell us that we’re amazing, and we love hearing it too. The problem is that God tells us in his Word that we are messed up and broken and need him.

Proverbs 27:6 ( reminds us that it’s better to be told about our faults by our close friends than believing lies about how great we are from our enemies. Your enemies will always be nice to you, even though they hate you. Real friends are those who aren’t afraid to hurt your pride. Meditate on these words from Proverbs and be thankful for friends in your life who tell you where you’re going wrong.



Jealousy is powerful

Feelings are really powerful things. When I get angry, it’s difficult for me not to shout.
But Proverbs 27:4 ( tells us that there is an even more powerful feeling than anger, and that’s jealousy. When you see someone else getting the things that you really want, that can drive you crazy. The problem with that feeling of jealousy is that there’s no release. It can lead us to feelings of anger and hatred for other people.

So how do you deal with jealousy before it makes you nasty? You need to take that feeling to Jesus, and remember that you’re complete in him. No amount of stuff that other people have can make you whole, only Jesus.



Overwhelmed by stupid

Sometimes I feel so weighed down by people who just can’t get their lives right.

Proverbs 27:3 ( talks about these kinds of people. It says that they’re heavier than rocks or sand. They’re hard to move. It’s hard to get them to go in the right direction, and they make you tired.

But here’s an amazing thing: your irritation with someone else is your problem, and not theirs. To love other people as Jesus says means you have to love even those who drive you mad. So this week, when someone really feels like a weight on your shoulders, remember that this is part of the wise life.