Words communicate. They tell stories, true or false. Words reveal – they expose who we are, our values and what our hearts are like. They show what and who we care about; our attitude and motivation. Words can be helpful but they can also be damaging to those who listen or read them.

Read Proverbs 10:19-20 (

Use your words carefully, thinking before you speak. Remaining quiet, just listening can even be better in some situations. Let’s ask God to help us honour Him with our lips, carefully choosing when to speak and when to be silent.



Proverbs 11:16-17 ( speaks about the value of kindness in a person.

Kindness is respectable and influential because of its effect on others. It is also a fruit of the Spirit, it reflects God’s character, and points others to Him. However, being kind isn’t always on people’s agenda.

Think over acts of kindness and those you consider to be kind to get a picture in your mind on what kindness looks like. Who can you show kindness to this week?

As Nike says, ‘Just do it!’



Discipline is character building. It is for our development as a person. It produces growth which brings maturity.

Read Proverbs 12:1 here –
Hard hitting hey!?

Discipline, whether it be physical or mental training, a strict system or correction and instruction, can be good for us. Accepting discipline from adults is hard but it’s usually for our good and we can learn from it. Developing discipline in life benefits us and others.

Keep learning and growing.
Most of all, keep on keeping on!



Listen up! Your friend Wisdom is sending you a WhatsApp message. If you would listen to these words and do them, you will be making a good choice.

The third lesson is this, “All wisdom comes from the Lord…” Proverbs2:6 (

Not one of us knows it all. I am learning – I am a student. You, like me, need wisdom. We need to understand life. But the big problem is WHO will teach us? GOOD NEWS is that God, our Lord and creator WILL.