God Loves You – Without The Make-Up

Lots of things going around recently about selfies (with or without makeup). Seems that Facebook / Twitter / Snapchat / Instagram etc are often places to post just the good bits about our lives. Sometimes stories with lots of makeup on right?

Thing is – it can be hard to read all that sparkling stuff from others while comparing it to the ugly stuff we know about ourselves. ‘Nomakeup’ Facebook posts anyone?

Good news! One of the Holy Spirit’s jobs is to search us deeply and celebrate what the Spirit finds in us with the Father and Jesus. The Spirit also gets to work on healing the hurt and clearing out the junk.

No makeup required for God to delight in who you are and do what it takes to make you whole again.

Read more in Romans 8v22-30 here:



My Own Worst Enemy

Sometimes I think I’m my own worst enemy – I keep comparing the worst I know about myself with the best I see in others. My other, spiritual, enemy also loves to remind me of my failures – rubbing them in. It’s so tempting to listen to them and despair of myself.

Jesus, remind me of the truth about me – yes, I am a broken and sinful person, but also someone who is supremely loved and blessed by you. Help me live in the richness of that blessing. Help me catch the lies about me I keep believing.

Help me show your grace to my friends who are fighting their own battles inside too.

Ephesians 1v3-23 here:


The God Particle?

A lot of scientists got really excited about the Big Bang Theory this week. The um, real theory – not the one about Sheldon and Penny…

What was the big deal? They found something pretty close to proof that the Big Bang Theory (14 billion years ago) is true (read the story here: )

Is that a challenge to what you believe about God the Creator? It shouldn’t be!

The Genesis story is not about how or when things came to be, it’s about who God is, who we are (and some other stuff too )

Let’s read the Bible to see what it says about God’s Story, our story and God’s new creation plan. Let’s listen to the scientists about how exactly the world around us works. It’s an awe- and worship-inspiring picture…



God’s Image Bearers – Out True Identity

Do you know who you are – really?

One of the highlights in the creation story in Genesis is what it says about who we are – made by God, male and female, in God’s image.

Being a teenager is a lot about discovering who you are. At the most basic level – truth is … you’re someone who bears the image of the Creator of the Universe. That’s actually pretty amazing.

How much of the temptation to gossip about others, or to lie about ourselves or hide behind the masks we create is because we’re insecure, because we’ve lost that core sense of who we are?

Ask God to remind you of your true identity today?

Read the story in Genesis 1v26-31 here: