Daily Bread

Here’s a line from the Lord’s Prayer to meditate on as we get ready for Easter:

‘Give us this day our daily bread.’ (Matthew 6)

Spend some time thinking what that prayer means to you. Use these words to help you:

Trust. Expectation. Need. Faithfulness. Provision. Father. Abundance. Hope. Thankfulness. Enough.

Take each of these words, one at a time, and speak them out and then say the line from the prayer.

How is ‘give us this day our daily bread’ connected to Trust?

And so on.

Perhaps this exercise will spark a time of prayer in which you give thanks to God for who He is and how He provides for you.

Find the rest of the prayer over here:



God of all comfort


God, sometimes it is hard to know how to support the people around me. Like when difficult stuff happens to my friends or family, what do I say? I know that you are the God of all comfort, but what am I supposed to do? Or, if someone is really happy and I’m not feeling the same way, then what do I do?

The Bible says that I should rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep (Romans 12v15). Help me to trust you enough that you can handle my feelings, so I can be sympathetic with others, no matter what space they’re in – happy or sad.