100% Trustworthy

100% Trustworthy.

People fail us every day, and it can be hard to trust others sometimes. We know that we aren’t always true to our word and we don’t always have the best intentions. Often I have to sit before God and confess that I’ve let someone down.

Knowing this, it can be hard to trust God too. It’s hard to understand He can be 100% trustworthy, true and good.

Numbers 23:19 ( tells us God is not like us; He fulfils His word, He doesn’t speak and not act. We can trust him completely.

Isn’t that comforting?
He is who He says He is; nothing less, nothing more.


The Road through Calvary strengthens faith.

The Road through Calvary strengthens faith.

As Jesus was in the tomb it all seemed lost. People didn’t realize that the story wasn’t over.
Sometimes we won’t see, comprehend or understand what God is doing. We can be so overwhelmed by the situation we’re in and forget that God is still in control and that He hasn’t stepped away, even though it may seem like it.

Read Isaiah 26:3 (

Be encouraged that even in the silence and the stillness God is still at work.
As we continue to trust Him, He strengthens our faith and gives us peace.


The Road through Calvary calls us to Trust

The Road through Calvary calls us to Trust

Have you ever been in a difficult situation?
Who hasn’t right. Failed an exam or had to give someone bad news?
We have all been in bad and uncomfortable situations. I find that in those situations, trusting God is more helpful than knowing how everything is going to turn out.

Read Luke 23:46-47 (

In this passage of scripture Jesus is on the cross and He surrenders His Spirit to God. Despite hanging on the cross, He still trusts God. This has everything to do with who God is. As Jesus trusted God, we are called to trust Him too.



Too many Christians live with a mantra that, if they were honest, sounds a little something like this: ‘Trust God, but have a backup plan’. We call it wisdom, but often it shows a lack of trust in God or the community of Christians we engage with.

Proverbs 3:5,6 calls us to a much riskier outlook – read it here:

We still need to be wise in how we go about this but as we learn to hear God’s Spirit leading us so we can trust God more.

Which plan, OR backup plan, do you need to trust God with?