Matthew Mole – It’s Simple Child

We live in a world which complicates and confuses truth. Matthew Mole sings “Because I – I believe in such a faith, Strong enough that it will break these, Worldly intentions and make a change”. These are simple lyrics. He believes in a faith which makes change in the world!

Romans 10:9 ( simplifies the core of the Christian faith to declaring Christ as Lord and believing it in your hearts. This morning I urge you to ask God to reveal this truth to your heart. Make this ‘heart belief’ of Christ as Lord the soundtrack of your life.



Silence – Marshmello

The singer seems to find themselves without proper peace and a desperation for something more, a proper saviour: “peace in your violence and I’m in need of a saviour”.

In the Bible we read of Zacchaeus, a tax collector. He seems to have tried finding security for himself in money, yet when he encounters Jesus, he realises that money cannot be his saviour, only Christ can. Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10 –

Remember Jesus came to be your saviour (and everybody else’s saviour) and will continually save you from sin.



Shawn Mendes sings these lyrics in “In My Blood”:
– I’m overwhelmed and insecure
– No medicine is strong enough
– Sometimes I feel like giving up

These are feelings we sometimes have in life. We must never shy away from the reality of what we are feeling. Another reality we must face is that God doesn’t always give a quick fix to make us feel better.

Instead, He draws us on the journey of brokenness to wholeness. 1 Thessalonians 5:23-24 ( is an encouragement and promise of our faithful God restoring and purifying us to a place of wholeness. Use these verses as a prayer for yourself today.



The Middle – Zedd

In this song, the singer desires to be closer to their partner. However, they make it about the other person moving towards them. So pull me closer, Why don’t you pull me closer?

James 4:7-8 ( makes it clear that part of our role as Christ-followers is to resist the enemy and to draw near to God. Yet, there is also the promise that as we draw toward God, He will draw toward us.

Today, let this call to draw toward God be your sound track. Be it in class at school, on the sports field, or at home.