Trying To Outrun Sin?

It’s no Flappy Bird, but Temple Run is a pretty cool cell-phone game. You play the part of a treasure hunter who, after stealing an ancient relic, is immediately chased by a pack of evil-shadow-monkey-guardian-things. One wrong move and you’re dead. It’s terrifying.

Proverbs 13:21 describes a similar feeling: ‘Trouble chases sinners, while blessings reward the righteous’. Sin leaves us anxious, looking over our shoulder, wondering when our actions will catch up with us. But right choices bring the peace and joy that only God can give.

Why live with the stress of sin when we can relax in the blessing of right living?

Read Proverbs 13 here:



Our Sentence, Jesus’s Death

Here’s a reflection for Lent from #brettfish. It’s longer than usual but worth reading to the end!

As we head towards Easter, we remember it as a time when Jesus died on the cross.

The cross was an instrument of torture created for the enemies for Rome. It was designed to cause suffering. Do you ever think how strange it is that Christians use the symbol of the cross as a piece of art and jewellery?

If Jesus had stood in front of a firing squad, would we all wear golden guns? And what if the electric chair had been around?

While it may seem crazy when we think about it that way, it may help to switch focus from what the cross did to Jesus to what it did to us.

Our sin. Our death sentence. And yet Jesus takes our place. He performs the role of scapegoat, the one who bears the sins of the entire nation, or in our case, world.

Then suddenly the cross takes on a whole different meaning. Because now it is a reminder of the gift of Love that God demonstrated by sending Jesus for us. A memorial to His death so to speak.

And so when we look at the cross, we try not so much to remember the suffering it caused for Jesus, but the freedom from suffering that it won for each of us who chooses to follow Him.

Read an account of his death and final words here –




Porn School

How often do you go to Porn School? From the responses we got last week, lots of WordSpace readers are regular attenders :/

Porn School? Yep – every secret viewing of beautiful bodies having sex in the classroom of my phone teaches me three things: the intimacy I so deeply and rightly desire is about having sex WITH whoever I want, WHENever I want, HOWever I want. That is seriously addictive – right?

God’s love school happens with real people where love learns to put others first. It’s about sex that expresses a deep, committed love-relationship with one person. That is seriously hard work. It’s also the oasis that truly satisfies.

Which school is shaping your heart-habits?

Here’s what Paul said about love in 1 Corinthians 13v4-7 here:



Separated From Our Sin

What theories do you believe about how the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 aircraft disappeared? From hijacking to aliens check them out here:

Whatever happened, we do know that air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane and could not track it. It moved so far off course that they haven’t found it yet.

It’s kinda like that with our sin when we trust Jesus. We and our sins move away from each other so far that God will NEVER find our sins again! Psalm 103 v 12 (NLT) says, ‘He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.’

Read Psalm 103 here