Ever heard that saying “Stop, and smell the roses?” Well, maybe we should do that again. Think about the smell of flowers, or that smell of coffee in the morning, or the smell of a good cooked meal.

All of that reminds us, through our noses that life is to be savoured. And Jesus being the author of life (John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came to give us abundant life) gives us the sense of smell to do that. Next time a beautiful aroma greets your nose whisper, “thank you to Jesus”.

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“Put your finger here, see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side.” Those are the words Jesus spoke to Thomas. (John 20:27 – After that Thomas didn’t doubt. A lady touched the hem of Jesus’ cloak and was healed. (Mark 5:28 –

What if you ran your hands along the bark of a tree? Or what if you held the delicate petals of a flower between your fingers? Or if you stroke your dog – touching all those things – all these things of the earth should point to our Creator.

“All the earth is the Lord’s and everything in it” Psalm 24:1




You are probably reading this on your phone. Go outside. Stop and listen. What do you hear? Probably the birds tweeting, the rustling of the leaves and also people chattering in the distance. Then in the car, you will probably hear a song you like.

The sounds of life around us are a good reminder to thank God. Now, stop and listen to the silence. Psalm 46:10 challenges us to “be still and know that God is the Lord.” Maybe it would also be a good practice to switch off all the noise and listen to the still quiet voice of God inside your heart

Psalm 46:10 –




In John 9:1-12, Jesus heals a man born blind. That particular passage doesn’t give his age. (But he is called a man. So let’s guess an age of 30). Think about what that must have been like: After so many years of not seeing and then opening your eyes. Seeing what people look like, what trees look like, the bird flying overhead, and even the brightness of sunlight! It must have been a lot to take in. But now he could see! His response was to praise Jesus.

How about you do that now? Stop and look around. What are all the things you see? Name them and praise God for your sight!

Read John 9:1-12 here: