Is Praying something you do regularly? Or does it feel like a spiritual chore that you have to do? In 1 Thessalonians 5, we are told:

16Rejoice always,17pray continually,18give thanks in all circumstances;for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

I love how prayer is sandwiched there between rejoicing and giving thanks. When my prayer life starts to feel a little stale I try to remember it is meant to be talking to God. Simply speak out the things on your mind and heart, believing God is listening to them.



It’s #trysomethingnew Friday! No, that doesn’t mean heading off to the mall to find something new to wear this weekend…

Here’s the challenge: try something new in the way you pray.

A new position? Pray on your knees? Or in your garden? Or lying on your back in the shade during break?

Use a verse from the Bible? Open your Bible to the book of Psalms and try praying a few verses from one of them (or try Psalm 100 here

Pray for something else? Are most of your prayers for yourself? Pray for a friend, or a family member, or a situation at school or in the country? Or try praying for an enemy!

Go for it…





Do you like coffee or tea or hot chocolate?

Then you might like this prayer by Richard Foster too…

‘Somehow Jesus, I like praying with a cup of coffee (tea or hot choc) in my hands

I guess the warmth of the cup settles me and speaks of the warmth of your love.

I hold the cup against my cheek and listen, hushed and still

I blow on the coffee and drink. O Spirit of God, blow across my life and let me drink in your great life.’

How beautiful is this prayer? Using a hot drink to help us connect with God. Wow!

What else could you use to help draw you into a conversation with God?




If you struggle to pray, something I find helpful sometimes is using the acronym ACTS. That stands for: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication [Requests].

While those do not cover all aspects of prayer, it is helpful to move us away from the kind of prayer that gets stuck in us just asking God for things.

Start of by adoring God simply for who He is, not what He does for us. Then confess whatever sin you have struggled with of late and accept His forgiveness. Take some time to give God thanks. End of by presenting prayer requests and needs you might have.

Or choose just one or two of those and see where the conversation goes…