Whose faith do you admire?
Is there someone that inspires you and you look up to?
Perhaps you have a youth leader that you would like to be like one day as I did.

Listen in to Paul’s prayer- Ephesians 1:15-21 (

Isn’t that a prayer that you would want prayed for you?
Paul is so full of thanksgiving!
He highlights many great things that God has done for us in Jesus and emphasises that God’s power is accessible to us who have faith! The mighty strength that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power available to us!



Prayer is a tough one hey? I myself struggle from time to time – and if I am honest with myself, it’s because I am not intentional enough about it.

Just as we need to set aside time to read the Bible, we need to set aside time to pray. Maybe those 10minutes we spend on Facebook or Youtube we could spend praying. Be yourself when you pray, God knows who you are, He made you, you don’t need to be someone else when you’re speaking to Him.

Prayer links us to God like nothing else. Let’s get to know Him more through prayer.

Read what Pauls says here in Ephesians 6:18 (



Read Romans 10:1 (

Have you ever made a new year’s resolution? For 2019 I am making a commitment to contagious faith. Over the next five days we will journey together through Romans 1 and you too, might choose to make a similar commitment.

In verse 1 we see Paul praying that the Jews would be saved. How often do you pray for people to be saved? I hope my faith might rub off on others but I rarely pray for those people to know Jesus personally.

Perhaps make a list of three names who you want to come to know Jesus, set a reminder on your phone and commit to praying for them daily this year.



Pray like you mean it

We all struggle in our prayer lives. I’m really selfish and like to pray about all the things that matter in my life like my money and my health and my wife and our future. Jesus gives us a different picture of prayer in Matthew 6:10-15, read it here:

Instead of a focus on ourselves and our needs, look at how much is about God, and others. Maybe today you could follow Jesus’ example of prayer and think less about yourself.