It’s Time.

I really love collaborations and this song sung by Heinz Winkler, Loyiso, and Neville D is gold. “It’s time” could not have come at a better time when facing all we face as a nation.

It’s a song highlighting the cries of many hearts; it’s a declaration of what we hope for and what our country could be; and it’s a call to action.

It reminded me of what it says in Isaiah 60:1 (
We need to let His light shine through us to all those around us.
How can you be the light of Jesus where you are?



“Planted” by Lebohang Kgapola and Rashid Adams ( , one of my new favourite tracks.
It’s got a chilled young South African feel to it #Love! and is based on Jeremiah 17:7-8.

It’s about those who trust in God are like trees planted by the water. They don’t have to fear when the heat/drought comes, because their roots are set by the river. Their leaves are always green. They never fail to bear fruit.

Let’s put our trust in God by staying planted in him, knowing that He’ll take care of us. Instead of worrying we can have rest and have joy.



Who am I by Casting Crowns (

Read Luke 8:22-25 here:

Life can sometimes overwhelm us, our thoughts and feelings drain us; our hearts and minds can be so chaotic sometimes. But let me tell you that in that chaos – that very same voice that calmed the sea, can call out through the rain to calm the storm inside of us.

When life gets tough we tend to wanna turn to things that would get our mind off our situations. Next time – let’s turn to God instead. Let’s ask Him for peace to help us chill and work through the situation – along with Him.



“I’ll rise up, I’ll rise like the day
I’ll rise up, I’ll rise unafraid
I’ll rise up, and I’ll do it a thousand times again

I’ll rise up, high like the waves
I’ll rise up, in spite of the ache
I’ll rise up, and I’ll do it a thousand times again”
_Andra Day

Read Micah 7:8 here –

Even if you’ve fallen, get up again.
And if you fall a thousand times?
Get up a thousand times again.

We’re wired to keep going. So keep on going, with Jesus, you got this man!