Love like this – Lauren Daigle

“What have I done to deserve love like this?
I cannot earn what You so freely give?”

Nothing. We have done nothing to deserve His love, He just gives it to us so freely and abundantly. The Word says that He lavished His love on us – i.e. He gives us His love generously.

Know today: You are loved. You are deeply loved. You are loved so much that Jesus Himself died for – Y O U – and rose again on the third day. For you.

Read 1 John 3:1 –


Turn your eyes upon Jesus

A classic hymn but contemporary with a beat: OLDIES ARE GOLDIES GUYS!

Life has still moments; moments of rest, change, craziness but within all of it, we can look to Him, to Jesus, for help, strength, comfort, grace, mercy, forgiveness, love, care, joy, and peace.

When we look at Jesus, as the song says, the things of the earth grow strangely dim – it fades, it becomes less intense and overwhelming. The light of Jesus shines so much brighter than anything we face!

And as we look into His wonderful face, He makes His face shine on us!

Read Numbers 6:24-26 here:



We talk about love a lot. So much so that the meaning has been lost a little bit. It’s easier to say we love something than it is to live love and treat each other with love.

MiCasa puts it perfectly in their song “LOVE IS” (
“So love is so much more than a feelin’
‘Cause feelings they drift like the wind.
See love is so much more than a passion
‘Cause passion doesn’t last forevermore.”

Jesus’ love FOR US is more than just a feeling or passion. It’s forever. It’s never-ending. It’s unconditional. It’s sacrificial.

Read 1 John 4:7-11 (


Even Though.

Listening to this song ( made me think of the hashtag #thestruggleisREAL.
Life can often feel like a massive struggle. And that’s real. Life is tough.
And just because we serve Jesus and have relationship with Him, doesn’t mean we won’t face battles.

But it’s our response to these seasons that makes all the difference.

We Will Worship movement sings:
“We’ll walk by faith and not by sight, and fix our eyes on you. This flesh won’t be a limit, You’ve given us your Spirit. We put our trust in you.”

Why not sing these words over whatever you’re facing.

Read 2 Corinthians 5:7 (