Rise Up by Andra Day ( is a song about not going through things alone – being there for each other through the tough situations we sometimes face in life – helping each other “rise up” when we’ve fallen.

Being there for each other is a picture of Jesus being there for, and with us. Isaiah 40:26-31 ( reminds us of this – Jesus is with us, always. HE lifts us up when we are down. He strengthens us when we are weak.

Are you facing a tough situation at the moment? Is there someone you can chat to about it?
Or is there someone in your world that is going through something? How can you be there for that person?



‘You are my strength, You are my song, You are my salvation, You hold it all together.’

All Sons And Daughters is one of my favourite bands and when I listen to this song I’m always reminded that God needs to be our anchor through it all. The truth that’s even more powerful is God hasn’t lost control at all. He holds it all together no matter how chaotic the situation may look. We see in part but God sees it all, and hasn’t lost control of anyone or anything. That truly is what I call, a blessed assurance.

Read Colossians 1:17 (



‘For this cause I live, for this cause I’d die, I surrender all for the cause of Christ’ these words are from the Chorus of a Kari Jobe song, The Cause of Christ.

Our lives should be lived for the cause of Christ. This world promises so much but living for this world can have such temporary, cheap pleasures. The lights, glitz and glamour we are bombarded with, constantly trying to have us compromise and minimise our worth and God’s plan for us. Living for Christ has eternal benefit and pleasures that the world can never give.

Read Luke 9:23-24 (



Afraid by Tenth Avenue North.

‘I don’t wanna be afraid anymore, I’m safe in Your love, oh, Lord.’ This song reminds me of the scripture ‘perfect love expels all fear’. God is love. Therefore, freedom to love and be truly loved, starts with God. It’s easy to search for love in all the wrong places and misunderstand what love truly is. Our culture also hasn’t modelled it well either. The Bible calls us to know what love is, who love is, and only from loving Him and being in Him can we truly love, and live from true love.

Live loved.

Read 1 John 4:18 –