The movie WONDER is definitely a wonder – excuse the pun 😉

This movie is filled with friendship, family and kindness. It’s also filled with the reality of being bullied for being different and misunderstood.

Are you the one that judges someone based on their appearance or them being different or them being misunderstood? OR are you the one being judged because of your appearance, being different or misunderstood?

Whichever, Jesus calls you to be kind, to be a friend, to be love to those around you. No matter how you are treated or how you want to treat others – choose the high road, the God road.

Zechariah 7:9 (



In the movie “Little”, Jordan becomes a bully because she is done being bullied. But this behaviour follows her into adulthood and it is not pretty. She basically stops herself from who she really is because she wants to avoid being hurt.

Have you allowed what others think of you, and how they treat you, stop you from being you? Most of the time when we are trying to be who we’re not it’s a mess, and end up losing so much more. This has never been what God wants for us.

How can you be more of who God wants you to be this week?

Read Romans 12:2 (



Billy is used to being alone – life to him was better and he didn’t think he needed anyone. #islandstyleliving
He realises, by the end of the movie, just how important having friends and family are – life is truly better together.

Read Hebrews 10:24-25 (

Here the writer of Hebrews is highlighting that God wants us to live in community – God wants us to be in relationship with others because He knows that we are better and stronger doing life together. We are here to encourage and help one another whenever we can.

Do you need to connect with others more?



We live in a world where you rarely get something for nothing. People only sacrifice for personal gain. In Endgame we see Iron Man making the ultimate sacrifice in the end, giving his life to save the world.

In real life, Jesus made the same sacrifice for us and has asked us to be living sacrificesfor Him. (Romans 12:1 – Jesus desires us to live lives full of sacrifice to honour and glorify Him. Sometimes this might mean giving up a dream job, moving away from home or becoming friends with someone who is hard to be friends with.

How will you sacrifice in a way that worships and honours Jesus?