Beauty and the Beast

The most obvious lesson we can learn from beauty and the beast is about not judging based on outward appearances. Like the singing teapot says, it’s a tale as old as time. What I love about the new remake of the classic fairy tale is Belle’s courage. She finds herself in circumstances beyond her control, facing a fear she cannot understand, and still she is brave, honest and true to herself.

Psalm 56:3 ( tells us that when we face uncertainty, we should put our trust in God, and not be afraid. When we trust God, that is where we find our courage.





If you need a ‘lekker lag’ and just want to watch something fun then this is it!
What could be better than one whole day where no one is allowed to say NO.

Some truths that come out of this film are:
– For every choice you make there will be a reaction (a consequence); good or bad depending on the choice.
– Communication is very important in relationships.
– Empathy (understanding) is also a key ingredient to solid relationships.

Ultimately, it’s a movie about relationships.
1 Corinthians 13:4-7( gives us a key ingredient to having strong relationships with one another.




This is a movie about sexism that also touches on racism and other prejudices facing teenagers. Now to all the guys, don’t scroll past this one, this is as much for you as it is for the girls.

A shy teenager, Vivian, is inspired by her mother and new very outspoken friend, to speak up against the wrongs she is seeing and the way females are being treated by their male peers.

Speaking up against injustice is not always easy but God actually calls us to do this.
Proverbs 31:8(
PS. It doesn’t always need to be the in your face, super confrontational, kind of way.




She had to hide who she really was in order to save her father from having to fight in battle. But you also realise that she didn’t want to be that girly girl, she wanted to be a warrior. By the end of the movie, after facing a lot, she’s braver, bolder and more courageous than ever.

Some of us go through more challenges in life than others but the purpose of the challenge is the same = GROWTH. God wants us living brave, bold, and courageous lives for Him. He wants us to persevere and push through – all the while relying on Him fully.

Joshua 1:9 (
Romans 5:3-5 (