We talk about love a lot. So much so that the meaning has been lost a little bit. It’s easier to say we love something than it is to live love and treat each other with love.

MiCasa puts it perfectly in their song “LOVE IS” (
“So love is so much more than a feelin’
‘Cause feelings they drift like the wind.
See love is so much more than a passion
‘Cause passion doesn’t last forevermore.”

Jesus’ love FOR US is more than just a feeling or passion. It’s forever. It’s never-ending. It’s unconditional. It’s sacrificial.

Read 1 John 4:7-11 (


Let Me.

“Let me love you
All I want from you
We are stronger
Hold on longer
Let me love you
All I want from you
We are stronger
Hold on for longer”

Matthew Mole is obviously singing this to his lady – asking her to let him love her and that’s all he really wants from her.

I hear (and read in the Bible) God saying this to us all the time. He asks us to let Him love us. And that’s ALL God really wants from us.

Read John 15:9 (
He LOVES you and He wants you to live in His love.


Love anyway.

Don’t you hate it when you text a friend and there are two blue ticks and they don’t reply? It’s hard to keep your thoughts from running away with you to a place where you assume you’ve been un-friended, laughed at, rejected or ignored.

1 Corinthians 13:7 ( says that ‘love believes all things.’

That doesn’t mean love is stupid.
But a person who loves chooses to put their faith in Jesus to protect them and protect their friendships. A person who loves chooses to believe the best – instead of assuming the worst.

Ask God for strength to keep on loving that friend anyway.



The movie WONDER is definitely a wonder – excuse the pun 😉

This movie is filled with friendship, family and kindness. It’s also filled with the reality of being bullied for being different and misunderstood.

Are you the one that judges someone based on their appearance or them being different or them being misunderstood? OR are you the one being judged because of your appearance, being different or misunderstood?

Whichever, Jesus calls you to be kind, to be a friend, to be love to those around you. No matter how you are treated or how you want to treat others – choose the high road, the God road.

Zechariah 7:9 (