It can be difficult to stand up for what’s right. We are faced with different challenging situations that we feel the need to speak up about every day, and it can get quite overwhelming.

Where do we begin to make a change? Perhaps you can start where you are. Ask God for wisdom and be the one brave enough to call someone out on a racist remark, or point out discrimination. God tells us that we need to learn to do good, seek the right way, correct what is wrong – we are His hands and feet.

Read Isaiah 1:17 –




We hear a lot these days about Social Justice and it can feel like something for us to do in our spare time. But go and read Isaiah 61 (

It is summed up in verse eight which reads, “I, the Lord, love justice; I hate robbery and wrongdoing.” It is not often we see the word ‘hate’ associated with God and so when we do we need to take notice.

Clearly Justice is something that God really cares about which means that for us it should not be seen as an extra but a key part of who we try to be.


The Wrath Of God

Wrath. Now there’s a scary word – especially if it’s God we’re talking about… Uncontrolled fury, random acts of anger and destruction. That’s not what God is supposed to be like right?

What if we imagined God’s ‘wrath’ as a controlled, steady, relentless opposition towards everything that’s unjust or evil? Might make a bit more sense?

What if God saw US as unjust and evil and deserving of his wrath? Very scary thought!

What if Jesus knew that he would face God’s wrath for all of us – instead of us – for three hours on the cross? That was so scary Jesus begged God to not let that happen (Mark 14v35-36).

It did. On the cross Jesus experienced and saved us from God’s wrath. It’s done, finished.

Scary? Amazing?

Read Romans 3v21-26 here:


Here’s one more post on Justin Welby’s New Year message ( I think it’s pretty cool…

‘Nelson Mandela said that dealing with poverty is not an act of charity, it’s an act of justice. He said every generation has the chance to be a great generation, and we can be that great generation.

I look around and I see many signs of hope, but also there are many communities, many families, many individuals struggling.’

‘Perhaps our New Year’s resolution is therefore not just to do something slightly differently, but to set our eyes on changing the world around us. That would really change our country in the most amazing way.’

Is there something practical you can do about any form of poverty around you this year? What about those in your own community?

Read Matthew 25v31-40 here: