Trained for JOY.

A songwriter checked out the crowds around him.
What did he see?

Read Psalm 94: 8-15 (

A bunch of senseless fools. Living just for themselves, they refused God’s training. They thought He couldn’t see or hear (v 9). So they chased the good life, stepping on others to get everything they wanted.


Instead of behaving like this, what should God-followers do?

We choose to submit to God’s training, even when it’s difficult. Even when it means we don’t get the good life now. God’s training brings TRUE joy (v 12). Listen to His words today.



Present for JOY.

Wanna be happy? I do!
Let’s check out, over the next four weeks, how some of God’s top songwriters found REAL joy.

Like Ethan.
In his song, Psalm 89:14-18 (, Ethan says he found a long-lasting, all-day-long joy.

By staying aware of God’s presence.

It doesn’t just happen, though. It’s something you have to learn (v 15). But as you do, you can discover God’s love and faithfulness (v 14). You also see his strength in action, and even his favour (v 17). These things bring happiness. Talk to God throughout today. Practise his presence. It’s the path to real joy.




Read Proverbs 16:20 (

To trust the Lord is wise. But trusting the Lord not only brings wisdom, it brings JOY too.

Many have wanted and want wisdom but have never found it because they refuse to trust Jesus and surrender their lives to Him. The way to live this life, and the way to handle anything life throws at you is to trust God.

Many times we think the answer to complicated situations must also be complicated. But here in Proverbs we read that it’s quite simple. The key to a life filled with wisdom and joy is: TRUST in Jesus.


Bastille – Joy

Mental Health is spoken about a lot these days.
For many, it’s a real struggle. For others, they seem to have “jumped on the band wagon” and believe a lie about themselves.

But what I am hopeful about is that popular bands like Bastille are addressing the issue.

“Oh Joy, when you call me
I was giving up, oh, I was giving in
Joy, set my mind free
I was giving up, oh, I was giving in”

We can look at the dark and disappointing things. Or we can welcome in Joy.

Read Nehemiah 8:10 (
Hold onto God’s joy. Focus on it. Live in it.