The Road through Calvary brings Truth and Freedom

The Road through Calvary brings Truth and Freedom

Who do you enjoy being with the most?
Those who know and accept the real you, failures and all?
Or those you have to pretend around?

To be honest, I enjoy being around the ones who know the real me, because pretending is an exhausting waste of your life. It’s living a lie.

Now imagine this, the God who knows us, the real us, failures and all, still chose to send Jesus to die for us. Calvary wasn’t about perfect people, but about a perfect God and His love for imperfect us! This love (truth) set us free.

Read Romans 5:7-8 (



Have you ever heard the saying, ‘life is a journey’?
We hear it all the time.

And like any journey, it has its good and bad moments, along with rocky and smooth roads. And so it is with life – but there’s one journey that changed the course of history for all mankind. Whether you believe it or not.

This week we will go on that journey, the road that led to the cross, and meet the God who meets us where we are and walks us through to victory. In Him.

May this week be a moment of reflection for you.
Read Philippians 2:6-8 (


Sacrificial love. Greater love.

Jesus is no longer on a hill outside Jerusalem hanging on a cross, offering Himself as a living sacrifice as a sign of His unconditional love for everyone.

So, where is He?
At the right hand of God, the Father right? (Romans 8:34 – Yes, but also

in the heart of the one who shares their lunch.
in the hands of the one who gives a gift.
in the mind of the one who remembers a Birthday.

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends” (John 15:13 –

Jesus is present in every act of sacrificial love. Why not join Him today?


You are noticed

Not long after Mary conceives Jesus by the Holy Spirit’s power, she sings in Luke 1:46-48 (

She was a nobody.
A random teenage girl.
And yet she had the full attention of Almighty God.

You might feel that no one takes notice of you. People don’t seem to see your efforts, gifts, achievements or acts of kindness. You’re ignored. Instead of giving in to self-pity – which is such a win for the enemy – why not walk through today, head held high, knowing that Jesus, your King and Friend, takes notice of you, every moment.