Imitating Christ

Sometimes being a Christian teen will be hard. Friends will make fun of your faith and tell you that you are believing in fairytales. Some will try to get you to do what you know you shouldn’t.

Peer pressure is real.
And hard.

But the Lord has said He would not give us more than we can handle because He has given us a way out. And that way out is Christ.

By imitating Him.
So, what does imitating Christ look like in a situation like this?
By faith – doing what you know is right, even if it is hard.

Ephesians 5:1-7 (



Belief to action.

“YOU give them something to eat.” That’s what Jesus said to the disciples when he was feeding the 5000 – Read Mark 6:37 – 44 (

Do you know what is great about that request by Jesus?
Jesus is about including people in His mission.
He is about people being practically involved.
That’s what faith is about!
Our belief should lead to action.

Jesus could have fed them himself. But He gets the disciples involved.
Faith in action means getting involved.

What do you need to get involved in, this week or month? Or the next few months?
Start today!
Sign up.



“Contemplating the glory of the Lord, we are being transformed into his glorious image” 2 Corinthians 3:18

Facebook stalking (gotta love it) can only give you information ABOUT someone. Knowing certain facts about someone’s life is not the same as knowing them personally. For the last seven days we had the inside track into Jesus’ heart. Seven times He’s said. “I am”. That’s intimate, personal knowledge. Not what He’s done but who He is.

Here’s the thing: today’s passage says one of the keys to a transformed life is looking deeply into the gracious, kind, persevering, forgiving, sacrificial, joyful heart of Jesus Christ. Will you keep looking, learning?



I am the bread of life

“I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry” John 6:35

People hunger for many things in this life. They think that accomplishments, flashy cars, clothes, fame, experiences or sex will fill them up. But after a while they get hungry again. In fact, their hunger grows and they find that what satisfied them before no longer does.

Jesus says that He is the spiritual food for the whole of person’s life. On the cross, Jesus died and told us to take bread and wine to remind ourselves that He alone can completely satisfy a human life.