Jesus loves us

Read Luke 7:36-50 (

These verses tell the story of a woman with a past (a sinner), who pours a jar of perfume over Jesus’ feet, wetting his feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair. Everyone else judged her – for her past as well as for her actions that day.

Everyone except Jesus.

Jesus has not changed. He still sees people beyond their mistakes; He sees through the masks we put on for the world. Jesus sees our innermost beings, the real us, where we are made in the image of God. And Jesus loves us.


Fear of not fitting in…

Being a teenager is often super awkies – most of the time is spent figuring out who you are and who you want to be. Our peers don’t make this season of life any easier. The fear of rejection is real. The pressure to be someone you’re not comes with that fear.

Fear stops us from being the person God sees when He looks at us. Fear stops us from loving ourselves. Fear stops us from knowing that we are accepted – Romans 15:7 ( tells us that we have been accepted by Jesus.

Will you lay your fear at the feet of Jesus today?

Read Proverbs 19:8 (



What worries you? What are you anxious about?

Maybe it’s the report card that’s coming? Or what others think of you? Or whether there’s enough money for life? Or is there going to be food on the table tonight? Is it safety? Do you fear what the future holds?

Matthew 6:25-34 ( tells us not to worry about these earthly things – this verse may seem super insensitive but Matthew wants us to know the God that we serve. When we know, REALLY know who God is, fear, worry, and anxiety fades.

Proverbs 3:21-26 ( tells us that Jesus (wisdom) will protect us and we can sleep without fear. Look to Him more than you look at your fear.


You are seen

You’ve probably felt incredibly strongly about someone, at some time: that kind of in-love excitement to see someone, or deep anxiety over someone’s safety, or an unstoppable compulsion to help someone?

Read Luke 7:11-17 (

Luke 7:13 says that when Jesus saw a mom whose son had just died, ‘His heart overflowed with compassion’ – or He was ‘moved with compassion’ – and He raised the boy from the dead.

Jesus sees you all the time too, and He feels all the feelings. And He’s a strong God: mighty and able to act on those feelings, on your behalf.