Spiderman – Far away from home

In this Spiderman sequel, we enter a world where Peter Parker is without Tony Stark; Spiderman without his Ironman. You feel all the feels following Avengers End Game.

This got me thinking about how the disciples must have felt after Jesus died, and then again when He ascended into the clouds back to Heaven.

Read Luke 23:44-49 ( and Mark 16:19 (

And just as Tony had a surprise for Peter, which we see towards the end of the movie – Jesus left His disciples (and especially us) with an even greater gift – The Holy Spirit!

Read Acts 1:3-5 (




Holy Spirit

John 16:5-15 (

Friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Divine teacher.
Lover of your soul.
Wonderful counselor.
Your blessed assurance.

He is the Holy Spirit. He is the one who reveals God’s truth. He’s the one who enables us to use our gifts. He has a relationship with all of us in an intimately personal way. What a beautiful truth to know that we’re never alone because the Holy Spirit will be given to all who ask for Him. It’s Jesus restoring and healing what is broken but also leaving us with a seal of his promises.



Are you one of those people who talks to themselves out loud? Sometimes I am 😀

For most of us, most of the time, only we can hear what’s going on in our heads. Or is that really true?

The Bible tells us that God’s Spirit knows us better than we know ourselves which means even when we have no clue how we really feel or what we really think, God does!

Prayer is hard when we don’t know what to say. So when you’re stuck, try sharing those mixed-up and messed-up thoughts with the Holy Spirit and let him do the translation!

Want to try it now?

Romans 8v26-27 here:





So here’s a thought: isn’t the idea of joining the conversation at the heart of God just a bit intimidating? Like being invited to speak at the United Nations to all those powerful people – and you’re, like, 8 years old?

Here’s what makes prayer even remotely thinkable for me: the Spirit who lives in me and searches my heart – and so knows me way better than I know myself – takes my completely inadequate and inappropriate words and get this carries them right into the heart of the conversation that’s been going on forever.

You don’t have to try hard to find the right words to say to God. Just start talking!

Read Romans 8v26-27 here: