Read Proverbs 4:23 here –

How do you guard or protect something valuable?
What do you do with it?

The heart is the most important part of us- especially if we say Jesus lives in us!
We’re told to guard our hearts above all because from our hearts comes our lives.
Everything we think, say and do is affected by what is in our hearts. So we need to pay careful attention to what we let in.

Ask God to purify your heart and focus on Him so that what comes from your heart is pleasing to Him.




Heartbeat – Carrie Underwood

Heartbeat is a love song. In its chorus it has the words dancin’ to the rhythm of your heartbeat. The story teller has fallen in love and wants her lover’s heartbeat to dictate her actions, not out of rules but out of her love for him.

I see this in Father God’s relationship with the Son in John 5:19-23. The Son is following the Father’s heartbeat. Which heartbeat do you follow? God’s heartbeat? The World’s heartbeat? Your peer group’s heartbeat? Look for God’s heartbeat to be the heartbeat of your life.

Read John 5:19-23:




God, who we can trust, teaches us to protect our hearts. In Proverbs 4:23 it says, “protect your heart” What heart is this?

The heart God is talking about here is NOT your blood pumping heart that we study in biology. It is talking about your inner life – the part of you that we cannot cut up and look at under a microscope. It is the invisible part of us that is, who we are. It is the part of you that feels and thinks and acts. What do we protect it from? Lies. Lies on T.V. Lies on movies. Lies at school. Lies from friends. Lies from teachers. Lies on Facebook. Lies on YouTube. Please protect your heart today.

Read Proverbs 4:23 here –