Are You The Law?

Judge Dredd is comic book about agents who are given authority to pursue, arrest, prosecute, and punish criminals. Sylvester Stallone played Dredd in a movie that probably isn’t going to win any awards. His catch phrase is ‘I AM THE LAW.’

The Pharisees who caught a woman in adultery were also ready to kill her without mercy. Jesus stopped them in their tracks by telling them this: whoever hadn’t sinned could deliver the punishment.

How quickly do you leap into judging people who you feel have done wrong? Are you ready to pronounce their guilt and pull the trigger like Dredd? God, give us wise, loving and merciful hearts like Jesus, even when people really upset us.

Read how the story ends in John 8v1-11 here:

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Milo April – Encouragement Mix

Hey WordSpacers, Milo April here. I’m a Christian Hip Hop DJ and you might have heard my previous mix. This time I’ve got something a bit different…

I know many young people who struggle with the issues that life throws at them, so I decided to put together an exclusive mix with songs that are filled with encouragement. If you struggle with self-acceptance, dealing with growing up without a father, struggling to get over your guilt with sin and basically everything else in between then here’s a mix for you. I pray that it encourages you, because that is the point of it.

Here’s the link to it:

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You can even download it for free!!

Enjoy 🙂



‘A society can only be judged by its ability to take care of its most vulnerable. As things stand, ours is failing dismally’ according to Mugwena Maluleka. This week we’ve heard a lot about rape, of babies in particular. What does hearing about this bring out in you? Fear? Criticism of government? Anger? Helplessness? Or your own painful memories?

The Eternal Healer gives us a powerful and effective response to this evil: ‘Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.’

2 Chronicles 7V14