100% messed up

We might think that we are pretty good people.

But Romans 3:10 ( hits us saying that there is nobody righteous. In reality none of us is worthy enough for God, we all mess up, always missing the mark, thinking wrong thoughts, speaking unkindly to others.

Yet when we realise that we cannot possibly be good enough, humble ourselves and turn to Him – then we come to learn that despite our unworthiness, He came and took our worthlessness and made us worthy by His death on the cross.

What love is this!
Read 2 Corinthians 5:21 (


Jonah 4

READ Jonah 4 (
What is this book all about? It’s about our God.

This story shows a compassionate God, a God of kindness and love who wants to forgive and bless all people – when we turn to Him.

Have you turned to God?
Have you asked for His forgiveness?

This offer of knowing the grace of God is open to you – no matter what you have done, the Lord wants to show you His love.

Will you accept the kindness of God?
I hope that we will all be like the people of Nineveh and do so today!



One of my closest friends is marrying a ‘Priest-in-charge’ in the Welsh church. This means that she’ll be married by the Archbishop, and mingles with the Archbishop of Canterbury, celebrities and royalty at the Queen’s garden party!

How would you feel about receiving a similar invitation and mixing with royalty?!

Mull over 1 Peter 2:9-10 (

You are chosen, God’s special property, one of His people set apart as belonging to Him. You are royalty but in the unique position of also being able to communicate directly with Him as one of the Priesthood.

How will you live out this privileged position?



I’ve been singing an awesome song at the top of my voice recently and had it playing repeatedly at home- Hillsong’s “Who you say I am” has the refrain ‘I am a child of God’ and sings of the Father’s love and provision for us.

Look up 1 John 3:1-3 (

These words are incredibly powerful.
John says “See what great love the Father has lavished on us….”

He calls us to see, to actively look!
I love the word ‘lavish’ because it’s a reminder of how extravagant, extra-ordinary THIS Love is!
So much so, that we gain a new title!