God sees us as either a man or a woman.
” male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27 (

When I was 15 years old I remember struggling with my identity. I did not know who I was, was I a man or a woman? I am thankful that my Creator has shown me who I am – it is found in this verse. I am a man.

Sadly our world has changed what the Creator made. The fact is that the Creator made men and women. This is a good thing. Women are amazing. Men are amazing. But we are different. Difference is a good thing.




One of my favourite scriptures on knowing God is found in John 10: 1 – 6 (
It’s all about hearing / recognising His voice.
BUT how do I know it’s His voice?

When your parents call for you in a crowd (or shopping centre), you know it’s them calling for you. How or why? You have learnt to recognise their voice! This comes from spending time with your parents – growing up in their household.

Likewise, the more we spend time with God (quiet times) or sit with the Bible (God’s CV), we will learn to recognise His voice.

Just sit still with Him
Just sit still
Sit still



God sees us as valuable.
We know this because He created us.
“So God created mankind (human beings) ” Genesis 1:27 ( .
It is a fact that God made us – God is our Maker. Wow, we have a Creator.

Gravity is a fact. Gravity is the force that keeps us ‘stuck’ to the surface of the earth. In the same way that Gravity is true, it is true that God made me and you. Here is something that will blow your mind. We are valuable because we have been created by the Creator.
No one or nothing can steal this FACT from us.




Where is your safe space? Where do you go when everything around you feels like it’s just too much?

The Psalms are full of verses that tell us to take refuge in God.

They describe God as our rock (62:7-8),

our strength (73:26),

our sun and shield (84:11-12)

They tell us He is compassionate and full of love and mercy (116:5)

I challenge you to invite God into those safe spaces of yours. It might mean reading the Bible, listening to some worship or just talking to God and letting Him know what’s going on. Let God be there for you.