100% Trustworthy

100% Trustworthy.

People fail us every day, and it can be hard to trust others sometimes. We know that we aren’t always true to our word and we don’t always have the best intentions. Often I have to sit before God and confess that I’ve let someone down.

Knowing this, it can be hard to trust God too. It’s hard to understand He can be 100% trustworthy, true and good.

Numbers 23:19 ( tells us God is not like us; He fulfils His word, He doesn’t speak and not act. We can trust him completely.

Isn’t that comforting?
He is who He says He is; nothing less, nothing more.



“Everybody says, “Say something that says something” I don’t wanna get caught, up in the rhythm of it. But I can’t help myself, no, I can’t help myself” Justin Timberlake: Say Something (

Through social media, it’s easy to say lots of stuff in the heat of the moment. But do all those words honour Jesus? In Ephesians 4:29 ( it says “Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift”.

“Sometimes,the greatest way to saying something is to say nothing at all.”


God sees the you that you are becoming.

God sees the you that you are becoming.

Jesus’ enemies bring a woman caught in adultery before Him to try and trick Jesus into giving a wrong or unpopular response – John 8:1-11 ( But as usual He silences them and His response to the woman is two-fold: “I don’t condemn you” and “Leave your life of sin”.

This demonstrates a powerful aspect of God’s opinion of us – God loves us so deeply that He is not prepared to allow us to continue on in our broken and messed up state. The knowledge that you are loved. The call to live a life that seeks to be better than it is now.


Who Rules?

Who Rules?

May is voting month in South Africa; even If you can’t vote, chances are you’ve seen the posters and heard people talking about it. Politicians use every tactic they can to get ahead, to win the race. False promises are made; old commitments are renewed. New plans are put in place. It can be a stressful and emotional time for South Africans.

But you know what?

Whoever rules our country is still ruled by God. He is sovereign over everything and sits on the ultimate throne. No matter who wins this election, God is still in control.

Read 1 Chronicles 29:11-12 (