Abominable follows the story of Yi as she tries to get a Yeti, Everest, to his family. We also discover that Yi wishes to visit all the bucket list items her late dad left for her. Along the way they have many obstacles and adventures.

When Yi finally gets Everest home, she realises that she actually went to all of the places on the bucket list!

Life can be chaotic and confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to know where we’re headed. But God always knows, always has a plan and often it is only in looking back that we see how beautifully he has orchestrated things.


Food from Heaven

Now this might come as a huge surprise and ruin your day, but there are no fast-food takeaway places in the desert. Okay you’re not surprised, and your day is going to be just fine but that’s not how the Israelites felt.

Read Exodus 16:1-5 (

One month after escaping slavery in Egypt, the Israelites want to return because the desert doesn’t look anything like the promised land of Canaan.

So God rains down food from heaven, just enough for each day. That’s worth remembering.

You may not be living in the Promised Land, but God sent the Bread of Life from heaven to get you through today.


Agree with God

Job’s mates didn’t always give him the best advice, but in Job 22:21, Eliphaz tells Job, ‘Agree with God, and be at peace.’

He’s pretty much spot on. Wisdom can be described or explained as agreeing with God. And when we’ve settled that His take on any situation is definitely going to be more accurate than ours, we can try to understand from His perspective, trust Him, and be at peace.

Is there something going on in your life right now, about which you need to agree with God? Proverbs 9:12 reminds us, ‘If you become wise, you will be the one to benefit.’


Bitter Water

Are there worse things to drink than flat coke, cold tea and lukewarm milk? How about some bitter water!?

Read Exodus 15:22-25a (

The Israelites hadn’t drunk water for three days. That’s going to make anyone super thirsty and grumpy. And when they finally found water, it was bitter.

So, they went to Moses and complained, and Moses went to God asking for help. God’s solution? Throw a branch into the water. Pretty strange but now the water was good to drink.

When life gives you lemons (bitter water), don’t just complain about it. Ask God for help.