Paying Grace Forward

My friend is making malva pudding and custard for the painters who are working on her building. Why? Because she can.

Jesus says it is more blessed to give than to receive, and God himself demonstrates this by giving us far more than we could ever pay back.

If you’ve been blessed by God’s giving to you, don’t forget to “pay it forward”. Who knows, maybe it will even make you smile as well?

Show forgiveness.

Show kindness.

Show patience.

Show grace.

Because you can.

Acts 20:35 here:



Showcasing Grace

God knows everything about you. Of all the sins that clung to him on the cross, He knew which ones were yours. Yet He says He’s wiped them from His mind (Isaiah 43:25). He’s chosen not to remember. He has forgiven you. Flooded your life with grace and mercy.

Do you showcase His grace by treating others in the same way? Is there someone in your life that needs a little grace? Or maybe a lot? It’s not easy. But ask God to help you to dish out the same mercy that he has heaped onto you.

Check out Isaiah 43 here –



Getting And Letting Off The Hook

You’ve wrecked your Dad’s car – repairs will cost a huge heap of money. Your best friend borrowed your favourite jacket and ruined it. You’re not talking to your friend until they repay you.

Out of nowhere, your Dad says he forgives you – he’ll cover the costs. You’re off the hook. It must be a huge relief, right? That feeling of forgiveness – that experience of grace. The question is – will you extend that same forgiveness to your friend? Will you give them grace – let them off the hook – as well?

Jesus calls us to forgive as He has forgiven us – it’s not easy but God helps us to practice real love. Read more about it in 1 John –




Prayer About Grace

If you’ve been challenged this week by the cost of grace, why don’t you join me in this prayer:

Father God, thank you for sending your Son to die for my sin. Thank you for all that I have received because of your grace.

Help me never to take your grace for granted, as if it had cost you nothing.

Rather, would you help me to live with the power that your grace offers – a power to deal once and for all with the sin in my life.

May your forgiveness never be my excuse to disobey you.