Read Philemon v15-16 here:

Dirty. Bully. Stupid. Nobody.

What are the words we use to describe others? We define them by what they look like or what they have done.
If God described us, what would He say?

Truthfully, there is probably little good to say and yet He calls us forgiven, loved, His friend. If we have received Jesus in our lives, we should also see people in the same way. They are defined by Christ’s love, rather than their sin. Onesimus goes from being seen as a slave to being seen as a brother.

How would the way you see and treat people change if you saw things this way?



Read Philemon here:

What difference has Jesus made to your life?
Does He change the way you live?

If we have been forgiven, then surely our lives should be different. Onesimus who was a useless slave who ran away, is suddenly described as useful and like a son to Paul. High Praise. If Jesus lives in us, it should change the way we react, it should change the way we live. We should want to serve and help others, rather than simply do it out of duty.



We often want to know how often we have to forgive, surely there is a limit for somebody who keeps on hurting you.

Check out Matthew 18:21-35 (, the story leaves little to the imagination.

How much has God forgiven you?? Then go and do the same, how can you do anything different. If God has forgiven us so much, how can we hold a grudge for such a minor thing. God calls us to love those who have hurt us, to forgive and never give up on them. And He does not just say it, He does it every day!




Mother Theresa was once asked: “How do you have a quiet time with God?”, she replied “I just sit and listen”.

I like that a lot! Can you just sit with God?
We always want to fill our time with Him with something: A worship song, scripture, or a prayer list

So how to sit still:
Yes, your thoughts may wonder, but just return your focus to being still. (This takes practice.)
Use a word or short phrase to focus on. Something like: “Jesus” or “You’re a good, good Father.” Say it over and over in a thoughtful rhythm.

After a few times of practice, you will want to sit still more often with Your Father.