Esau & Jacob were twins. Older brother Esau was a big hairy-manly-male-type and Jacob stayed home with mommy. Esau didn’t value his birth right. (Birth rights were big deals as you carried on the privilege, resources and good name of your father merely by being born first). He exchanged all that for potjie kos.

Read Genesis 25:29-34 (

You have been born again into the family of the Lord God Most High. You are joint heirs with Jesus, God’s only begotten son. That means you have equal share in Jesus’ birth right. The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you. Don’t exchange eternal value for some temporary craving.



I was in grade 9 and I made plans with a friend to come over to my house after school. I got home, had lunch and then waited. 2 pm came, 3 pm, 4 pm – no friend. I called him and he said he wasn’t coming anymore.


What was so wrong with me that my “friend” did not want to spend time with me? This moment of rejection really hurt.

Have you ever felt rejected?

Good news is that Jesus NEVER rejects us. He always comes to our house, He always includes us on His team, He always says “yes” to spending time with us. He is always with us, even when we don’t feel Him.

Read John 6:37 (



Have you ever failed a test or subject at school?

In my second year at University, I failed Maths. I was shocked and very upset. I had worked so hard on Maths the whole year and then when I got my report card it said: FAILED.

As Christians we live with God at the centre of our lives. What this means is that we are His children as Romans 8:15-16 ( says. The way I got through this failure was to not see myself as a failure but to hold onto my IDENTITY as a child of God.



When I was in High School I had loads of Acne on my face – pimples everywhere. It was very hard for me because there was nothing I could do to take the pimples away. I remember crying out to God many times saying, “please take my pimples away.”

Do you know what?
God never instantly took them away. But one thing God did do: HE NEVER LEFT ME. God stayed very close to me in my suffering.

What kind of suffering are you going through?
Look to God today and know that He walks with us through our pain.

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (