The first time I flew in a plane, I jumped out (and there was nothing wrong with the plane). The jumpmaster had showed a gazillion graphic pictures of ways I would die if I messed up. So while hurtling down from just below space at a billion km/second, I wondered “Would my parachute help me to cheat gravity?”

“So we take comfortandare encouragedandconfidentlyandboldly say, The Lord is my Helper; I will not be seized with alarm [I will not fear or dread or be terrified]. What can man do to me?” Chillax. God’s got you.

Check out Hebrews 13:5-6 (



At 4, I convinced my dad I was ready to cycle the big-boy bike. I sat on the cross-bar and peddled while he held the saddle and ran next to me. Faster and faster we went. This was a piece of cake, until I realised that he was no longer holding the bike and was way, way behind me. Only problem was the T-Junction ahead and I had not learnt about brakes.

See Matthew 14:22-33 (

What is important is not that Peter sank, but that even with a little faith, he was the only Disciple to walk on water. The others only watched.



It started out as my mountain getaway birthday weekend. Just me, my wife, a few friends and my two dogs. All fun-times until my wife disappeared out of sight as she fell down the ravine. No picture – just that sound of flesh hitting rock again and again – and then the deafening silence. Was she alive? Had she graduated to Heaven?

Check out Exodus 3: 12-16 here:

God told Moses that His nature would become evident through His actions. In the eternity of those few seconds, through the ferocious screams inside of me, I found I could trust Jesus especially when I couldn’t trust myself.



Read Psalm 34:8 here –

This verse has always been amazing to me, how do we taste that God is good?
A lot of us have a favourite dish that makes our bellies dance every time we eat it. My list of favourite eats is endless. Truth is, good food makes us all smile.

Tasting that God is good however, is a different kind of taste. It’s a nourishment that only comes from Gods goodness. Being completely satisfied in Him. God’s desire is that we desire Him, fully. And like the verse says, we take complete refuge in His goodness, regardless of the circumstances.