Psalm 46:10 ( is pretty familiar: ‘Be still, and know that I am God!‘ In the original Hebrew, this verse carries the idea of relaxing, and loosening our grip.

In all your comings and goings and busy doings – could you ask God to increase your faith, so that you could relax your hold – loosen your grip – on what you’re trying to achieve?

You might be surprised to find that, when you loosen your grip on whatever you’re clutching and remember that really it’s God who holds All The Things, you’ll be more productive. Also, you’ll probably enjoy yourself more.



The psalmist says in Psalm 106:2 here:

This is a rhetorical question.
The obvious, implied answer is, ‘No one can!’

No matter how much we tried and tried and tried to express God’s greatness back to Him, we just never could. It’s a relief to know we don’t have to be able to grasp God’s eternal majesty and magnitude in order to earn His favour. In His enormous love, He just pours His favour out on us, anyway. What an awesome reason to praise Him, and put our faith in Him, and do all we can to joyfully love Him with our lives.



Is everyone getting ahead of you?
Do you look around and see so many others with so much more?

Read what Psalm 84:10 says here:

That’s not to say that everyone who seems to be winning is wicked. But maybe today you could try enjoying the truth that, things might not be going your way because they’re going God’s way, and that’s way better. He’s got your back. He sees you. He sees your small acts of kindness and consideration – which might not have you stage-diving into adoring crowds, but will, for sure, bring you incomparable joy and peace.



If the Laws of Thermodynamics are to be believed, stuff tends toward increased disorder and decay, especially if left to their own devices. The evidence is all around. Given the right conditions (boredom, rage, stupidity), how long does it take for things to “decay or deteriorate”? The Earth truly broke at the Fall. But God

Check out Ecclesiastes 3:1-11 here:

The rhythms of many people’s lives are set to the beat of the disorder and decay around them. Yet Jesus says that He has set/planted eternity in our hearts and minds (v11). This is a divinely implanted sense of a greater purpose which nothing but God can satisfy. So when you feel that there’s more to this life, that’s God