We often want to know how often we have to forgive, surely there is a limit for somebody who keeps on hurting you.

Check out Matthew 18:21-35 (, the story leaves little to the imagination.

How much has God forgiven you?? Then go and do the same, how can you do anything different. If God has forgiven us so much, how can we hold a grudge for such a minor thing. God calls us to love those who have hurt us, to forgive and never give up on them. And He does not just say it, He does it every day!




Mother Theresa was once asked: “How do you have a quiet time with God?”, she replied “I just sit and listen”.

I like that a lot! Can you just sit with God?
We always want to fill our time with Him with something: A worship song, scripture, or a prayer list

So how to sit still:
Yes, your thoughts may wonder, but just return your focus to being still. (This takes practice.)
Use a word or short phrase to focus on. Something like: “Jesus” or “You’re a good, good Father.” Say it over and over in a thoughtful rhythm.

After a few times of practice, you will want to sit still more often with Your Father.




“A Bible that is falling apart probably belongs to someone whose life isn’t falling apart.”

How is your Bible reading going?
Do you sometimes find the Bible difficult to approach?
So how do we get into it?

1: Put away distractions. Find a space where you can concentrate.

2: Pray. Ask God to highlight lines or words. Ask His Spirit living in you to reveal deeper things.

3: Start in the New Testament. Read little pieces. (You don’t need to read a whole chapter at a time.) Reread it.

4: Ask yourself how the passage instructs you to live in a certain way?

5: Do what it says. You learn and grow by practicing.



I’ve always loved climbing things, so started my training to become an abseiling and mountaineering Ninja. Pretty soon I would take groups of peeps abseiling and stuff. Imagine how the conversation changed when, while they dangling off a precipice, they heard me casually say that I had a healthy respect for heights. “YOU ARE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. WHAT?!”

I have come to trust the equipment that keeps me alive (like the three anchor ropes attached to solid rock that cannot move). I’m safe as long as I’m attached to that rock. Jesus says “Remain in Me” for a reason.

See John 15:4-11 (