I’m not sure about you, but I’m a talker. I need to talk things out to feel better. Sometimes I don’t even realise that I’m anxious about something until I start talking about it.

God wants us to talk about our anxieties with Him. We’re coming up to that time of the year when it’s exams and end of year stress. Don’t carry the burden on your own. Get some friends together some mornings and do a Bible study or pray together.

God cares for you, He wants you to give Him all your fears and worries (1 Peter 5:7 –


Trust Him.

What are you placing your trust in?

Some people argue that Christians have “blind faith”. This is faith where there is no reasonable evidence for belief in something (let’s say God).

Do you think that’s true?

“In you, Lord my God, I put my trust” Psalm 25:1 (

When we put our trust in God, it’s not blind; it’s biblical faith given to us by God. It’s saying that no matter what is going on, we stand firm in trusting God, who has proven Himself to be real through the Bible and through our own experiences of Him.

Keep placing your trust in Him.



I’m sure you’ve heard people say that as Christians, we should rejoice in our hardships. That seems bizarre. When we’re in the thick of a struggle, it might seem impossible to rejoice.

But from experience, I want to encourage you. What Isaiah 40:29 ( says is true: God gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. When we are at our lowest, that’s when God is able to show off.

Our struggles are hard, but God uses them as opportunities to show us His love for us. Our faith comes out stronger. And that can be something to rejoice about.



Have you ever had a friend that is going through something intense, and they’re looking to you for help and support? What about when they’re looking to you for reasons why God isn’t answering their prayers? These moments can be tough, and you might feel at a loss for words.

Sometimes people just need reminding of what’s true. That God never leaves us (Isaiah 41:10 – That He wants good things for us (Psalm 84:11 – That we can take anything to Him (1 Peter 5:7 – Memorise these verses, so they might bring comfort and peace.