When we read something that stings and convicts us in the Bible, sometimes all we do is take a deep gasp of shock, say “Yoh I felt that” and move on.

That conviction is the Holy Spirit. How can what we read be applied to life, in the small spaces, in the hostile spaces, in the tempting spaces. In addition to this, pray to the Lord to help you live out these portions of scripture, and allow His word to transform your life. Also, it’s always a great idea to share scripture with people in your life.

Read James 1:22-25 here –




I’m sure we’ve all experienced unkindness. How did this make you feel?

Many people walk around carrying so much weight on their shoulders. We don’t always know what the next person is facing or what battles they are fighting.

Ephesians 4:32( reminds us to have kind and forgiving hearts towards one another, these happen to be two fruits of the spirit as well. Being aware of our actions and words is always a good way to consider someone else. Speak a kind word, perform a kind gesture, have a kind attitude towards those around you. Wherever we go, let’s try to sprinkle kindness around like confetti!




So many of us put so much pressure on ourselves, thinking that we need to perform in order for God to move. We need to remember that before we even came to be, the plan, the move, the ministry was thought out perfectly; God was working.

All we have to do is partner with God. We need to be obedient and serve Him in whatever He’s planned. This is difficult because we want to be in control- but surrendering to God, allows us to rest, allowing Him to take control. He is the only one that can save.

Read Ephesians 2:8 (


He will do it.

Maybe you’re between things – in a scary space of uncertainty or loneliness. You know you need to let go of one thing, to take hold of another thing God has for you. But you’re freaked out because, what if that next thing isn’t there to grab hold of, and you’re left holding onto nothing? Except, God will never tease, deceive, or abandon you.

1 Thessalonians 5:24 says, ‘The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.’ Hear those last words: He will do it! God won’t leave you stranded. As you wait for Him to show you the next handhold, hold onto Him.