When I was in High School I had loads of Acne on my face – pimples everywhere. It was very hard for me because there was nothing I could do to take the pimples away. I remember crying out to God many times saying, “please take my pimples away.”

Do you know what?
God never instantly took them away. But one thing God did do: HE NEVER LEFT ME. God stayed very close to me in my suffering.

What kind of suffering are you going through?
Look to God today and know that He walks with us through our pain.

Read 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (



In 2002 I went into a dark depression. I was so sad for so long, that I even thought of killing myself. One night I remember taking a knife from the kitchen and just when I was about to cut myself, I thought about Jesus. As soon as I started to turn to Him in prayer, He SURROUNDED ME WITH HIS PRESENCE, like He promised (Matthew 28:20 –

If you ever go through a time of depression, remember your Lord Jesus and pray to Him. Another way of turning to Jesus is by talking to an older Christian in your life – who can you go talk to about your depression?



In Mark 9:24 ( we read that a man said to Jesus “I believe, help my unbelief.” I often feel like speaking the same words to Jesus because I believe that Jesus is good, but sometimes I doubt. “Jesus I believe, but sometimes I doubt – help my doubt.”

Do you doubt that Jesus is good?
Do you doubt that Jesus cares about you?

The answer is to cry out like this man, “Jesus, help my doubts.” Why don’t you take your doubts to someone at your church or someone at Scripture Union?



Read Mark 2:5 ( and Hebrews 12:2 (

What is your greatest need?

Maybe you think if only you had more money life would be fine; is it friendship you are looking for or healing or strength?

The Bible says one thing really stops us from enjoying life to the full – it makes life like carrying a bag of bricks everywhere we go.
Our SIN.

The man comes for healing and Jesus tells him he is forgiven. Why? Because He knows this man needs forgiveness more than anything else. The same is true for you! Are you carrying a weight of sin around with you? Why not deal with it today? Let it go and walk free.