Doubts. Nobody wants to admit it – but we all have them.

Yet throughout the Bible, people like Mary, Zechariah and Ananias all had doubts and God still used each one of them for His purposes.

Similarly, it’s OK for us to have doubts too. What matters is how we respond to them. These people didn’t let their doubts control them, but prayed to God about them and He revealed the truth to them. They trusted God in prayer and action in spite of their doubts.

Take your doubts to God in prayer. Trust Him and see what He does through you too.


Faith that’s fit

I hate running. It’s hardest when I haven’t run in a really long time. The more I do it, the easier it becomes. The more natural it feels. It’s the same with our faith.

Read James 1:3 –

You might have heard this verse before, but do you know what it really means? Often, we learn this the hard way. When we really have to put our faith to the test, exercising it when it’s tough. Without these moments though, our faith would be weak. So we can rejoice when we have opportunities to practice our faith, because it makes us stronger! #mindshift!


Faith over fear

Have you had a situation lately where you needed to put your faith over fear? Yoh, it can be tough. When you’re trusting for something and wanting to trust God no matter what, but those doubts come creeping in

“You’re not good enough”

“You’re not praying hard enough”

“Maybe God doesn’t really love you”

When you’re facing mountains that need moving and the fear is taking over, stop. Breathe. Pray. Listen to your favourite worship songs. God will move that mountain how HE sees fit, and our faith needs to overcome our fear while we wait.


Faith in action

Romans 12 is a challenging piece of scripture – I encourage you to go read it. But in verses 17 – 21, it talks about crazy things like doing what is right, not repaying evil with evil and feeding our enemies. Say whaaaat?!

How are you doing in these areas though? Are you praying for the people you don’t like? Are you reaching out to those who are different, even difficult? Are you trusting that God is going to avenge the things that need avenging – revenge cannot be our thing?

This my friends, is faith in action. How can you overcome evil with good this next week?