Share. Share. Share.

Own up?! Have you ever thought the Bible is old fashioned / outdated? That it was written so long ago it’s no longer relevant?

Hang on! I’ll stop you right there!
That’s what is so great about the scriptures. They are God breathed! 2 Timothy 3:16,17 (

Something that breathes is living!
So, God’s word is living and active!
It needs to be shared!

Practical faith: How can you use your social media to share the gospel?
When last did you post or share a scripture / something positive / or a God thought?

Start today!



Luke 10:1 – 23 ( is a story about Jesus sending the disciples out on a mission – see what they were tasked to do.

You know what?

This command is fitting for us today too. You and I live in a town or a village or a community. Jesus has a task for you. How can you creatively and kindly tell people that the Kingdom of God is near? Maybe God would use you to heal someone? Or listen? Or help?

Jesus stated, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.”
That means there is a lot to do. Jesus wants to use you!


Belief to action.

“YOU give them something to eat.” That’s what Jesus said to the disciples when he was feeding the 5000 – Read Mark 6:37 – 44 (

Do you know what is great about that request by Jesus?
Jesus is about including people in His mission.
He is about people being practically involved.
That’s what faith is about!
Our belief should lead to action.

Jesus could have fed them himself. But He gets the disciples involved.
Faith in action means getting involved.

What do you need to get involved in, this week or month? Or the next few months?
Start today!
Sign up.


Intentional Prayers.

Nehemiah is an inspirational man (and book!)
Check out his prayer here – Nehemiah 1:5-11 (

Nehemiah asks God to “be open and attentive to hear the prayer your servant is praying.”

Nehemiah outlines some of God’s works and character qualities. He knows God well and has great faith to ask with such boldness!

Are there bold prayers you need to pray?

How about slowly reading these verses, paying attention to Nehemiah’s descriptions of God. We can grow to know God better by doing this. Praying His word back to Him is also faith-building!

What ‘project’ will you pray for God’s favour in?