With Easter just behind us, it was seen by many as only eating yummy chocolate eggs and fresh hot cross buns. But is this really the heart of it?

Risen is a different take on the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is told from the perspective of an agnostic Roman centurion, Clavius, who watched Jesus’ crucifixion, yet can’t understand what happened to His body three days after it was laid in the tomb. As he goes in search of the disciples to find out the truth, he discovers that which changes his life forever: the resurrected Christ.

Read 1 Corinthians 15:17 here –




Andy Stanley says, “Direction determines where we end up.”

Praise Jesus! We have been steered in a new direction. No longer heading towards the destination sin had for us. Our thoughts, our heart, our life is now set toward heaven and eternity with our Father.
The cross set us in a new direction.

Read Romans 8:5-6 here:

We have a choice – we can choose to listen and obey to the Holy Spirit, steering us away from death and towards life and peace, in this new direction the cross brought.
Because we have chosen Jesus, our direction has changed, our ending has changed.



The dictionary definition of ‘relationship’: “The way in which two or more people, or things are connected.”

Could you imagine a world without relationship? What would that even look like?

The very thought of not being connected to friends, family, and just people in general makes me nervous – sjoe, can’t imagine that hey! Never mind people – could you imagine not being connected to the one who created you and loves you the most in the world.

Connection to God our Father was lost in the Garden because of sin. The cross is what reconnects us. We now live, where nothing could separate us from Love and being in relationship with our heavenly Father – because of the cross.

Read Romans 8:31-39 here,



The CROSS brought HOPE

Read Romans 8:18-25 (

Ever hope for something you already have? Uhm, no – who does that!?

We hope for things we don’t have. When something is promised to us (like a gift or a favour or an outing or a meal) we wait and hope for that promise, like your dog might wait with excitement by the door for you to come home.

Because of the cross, we are promised a few things as we have just read in Romans 8 (write down what they are). And so now we wait, not with false hope; we can be sure of this hope – that what God has promised He will deliver on.

The cross is our guarantee of this.