Depending on what grade you’re in, you might have had to take an aptitude or personality test to try and determine what subjects to choose or what career to pursue. Chances are you’ve taken a Buzzfeed test to find out which Disney Princess you’re like or what type of cheese you are.

We keep asking what these say about who we are and who we are becoming. But have you stopped to ask God who HE thinks you are? That’s where your true identity and future lies.

Read Isaiah 43:1-2 (, as well as Psalm 139 ( and be reminded of how well God knows you.



God sees us as either a man or a woman.
” male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27 (

When I was 15 years old I remember struggling with my identity. I did not know who I was, was I a man or a woman? I am thankful that my Creator has shown me who I am – it is found in this verse. I am a man.

Sadly our world has changed what the Creator made. The fact is that the Creator made men and women. This is a good thing. Women are amazing. Men are amazing. But we are different. Difference is a good thing.



God sees us as valuable.
We know this because He created us.
“So God created mankind (human beings) ” Genesis 1:27 ( .
It is a fact that God made us – God is our Maker. Wow, we have a Creator.

Gravity is a fact. Gravity is the force that keeps us ‘stuck’ to the surface of the earth. In the same way that Gravity is true, it is true that God made me and you. Here is something that will blow your mind. We are valuable because we have been created by the Creator.
No one or nothing can steal this FACT from us.




Genesis 1:1 (

I live in a really beautiful part of the country and every day something catches my eye and makes me say “Oh, it’s beautiful”. Often I need to remind myself of the One behind all of this. It doesn’t just happen.

God, the incredible Creator and Author of all beauty, is breath-taking.

When we see an amazing photo or picture, we give credit to the painter or photographer. We acknowledge their skills. Today, acknowledge God’s eye for beauty in everything around you. Your friends, your pets, the flowers, the sunset. You.

God has an eye for beauty.