The day God took our place.

One of the names Jesus has is ‘Lamb of God’ [John 1.29]. The story of the birth of Jesus which we remember at Christmas means nothing without the accompanying story of His death which we remember at Easter. The lamb was the sacrificial animal that we first see rescue Abraham’s promised son in Genesis 22 and then later see taking our place when Jesus dies on the cross.

The joy of Christmas must be held alongside the heartache and joy of Easter as God made an eternal way for us to be with Him again.

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The day God fed us.

One of the names Jesus has is ‘Bread of Life’ [John 6.35] which is a reminder to us that His words give us life. Being a follower of Jesus can be complicated and confusing sometimes but for me I am always reminded to return to Jesus for more bread.

When in doubt I remember what Jesus said the greatest command was: To love God with all my heart, soul and mind and to love my neighbour as myself. That is always a good place to go back to as I seek to follow the words and the actions of Jesus.

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The day God opened the door to us.

One of the names we see Jesus take on is ‘The Way’ [John 14.6]. In a statement Jesus sets Himself apart as the only way that we can truly connect with God. There are many different religions and belief systems, but in that moment we see Jesus set Himself apart as exclusive.

We can consider him crazy or misguided, but it is impossible to only see Him as one option among many. His teaching and life, death and resurrection tend to challenge the notion of Him being either crazy or misguided, leaving us with one conclusion.

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The day God came close.

One of the names Jesus is called is ‘Immanuel’ [Isaiah 7.14] which means ‘God with us’. Christmas can be viewed as the turning point in history. Shortly after creation mankind turned our back on God and decided to pursue our own path, bringing distance between us and God. We are reminded that after priests and prophets and temples, which all brought us closer to God, Jesus was the sign that relationship has been established again.

We once again have the opportunity to meet God face to face and walk with God once more.

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