Is your heart anxious?
Does life feel a bit chaotic at the moment?
Has fear taken a hold of you?

It seems like there is so much for us to worry about. But did you know that when we worry, it’s as if we’re saying to Jesus that we can’t trust or have faith in Him for the thing we’re worrying about.

Peace by Amanda Cook is about Jesus being our PEACE. When we place our fear, worry, anxiety at the feet of Jesus, we are promised His peace. Because He IS peace.

Read Philippians 4:6-7 (http://bit.ly/2CBQ1N8)
What do you need to lay at the feet of Jesus?



Rise Up by Andra Day (http://bit.ly/2CwOKH8) is a song about not going through things alone – being there for each other through the tough situations we sometimes face in life – helping each other “rise up” when we’ve fallen.

Being there for each other is a picture of Jesus being there for, and with us. Isaiah 40:26-31 (http://bit.ly/2CuqPbx) reminds us of this – Jesus is with us, always. HE lifts us up when we are down. He strengthens us when we are weak.

Are you facing a tough situation at the moment? Is there someone you can chat to about it?
Or is there someone in your world that is going through something? How can you be there for that person?



Psalm 1:2 (http://bit.ly/2PL8cDt) says ‘Blessed is the one [] whose delight is in the law of the Lord, and who meditates on his law day and night.’ God speaks through His word, the more we read it and get to know it the more in step with Him we become – We are blessed.

All I Am by Jess Glynne (http://bit.ly/2PMXPiw) seems to explore a relationship so strong that two people are one. As we get to know Christ, His desires become our desires. His heart becomes our heart. All we are, do and say become aligned to God’s. How can you come to this place of intimacy with God today?



Arms Open – The Script

Arms Open by The Script is one of those songs I can imagine Father God singing over His people. It is a song of acceptance, comfort, security and peace. In whatever situation you face my arms are open.

James 4:8 (http://bit.ly/2PKR4h7) says ‘Come near to God and He will come near to you.’ Our loving Father has His arms open wide, waiting for you to draw near to Him. God is always available to you, every hour of the day, every place you find yourself in, whatever you find yourself doing. Draw near to Him. His arms are open.