I love the Christmas song, “The first Noel, the Angels did say”

These words make me think of the first Christmas written down for us in Luke 2 because the word Noel means Christmas.
Read it here –http://bit.ly/2DMcOFF

This song tells us that when the first Christmas happened, the Angels of God sang songs about it. This is true and we read about it in the Bible. Christmas is a time that is so wonderful that we must join with the Angels in singing.

When will you join in with the Angels and sing about Christmas?




I love the Christmas song, “Christ the Saviour is born, Christ the Saviour is born

Read 1 Timothy 1:15 (http://bit.ly/2Qpydv2) – it says that “Jesus came into the world to save sinners”. The word Christ means ‘Messiah’, Messiah means ‘the promised deliverer’ – Jesus is the Messiah. Jesus was chosen to save the world.

How did Jesus save the world?
He came to earth, died the death we were supposed to, and rose from death to life – because of this we are saved from sin. Only Jesus, the Messiah, can save us from sin.

Have you been saved from your sins?




I love the Christmas song “Joy to the world, the Lord is come.

These words make me think of 1 Timothy 1:15 (http://bit.ly/2Qpydv2) which says, “Jesus came into the world.”

From these words we know that the Lord our Creator came to us and because of this we can be very happy. Before the Lord came to us, we did not know Him – that was a sad time. I know God because He came to and for me.

In this song we sing, “let earth receive her king

Have you accepted the Lord?
Welcome Jesus into your life today!




Is your heart anxious?
Does life feel a bit chaotic at the moment?
Has fear taken a hold of you?

It seems like there is so much for us to worry about. But did you know that when we worry, it’s as if we’re saying to Jesus that we can’t trust or have faith in Him for the thing we’re worrying about.

Peace by Amanda Cook is about Jesus being our PEACE. When we place our fear, worry, anxiety at the feet of Jesus, we are promised His peace. Because He IS peace.

Read Philippians 4:6-7 (http://bit.ly/2CBQ1N8)
What do you need to lay at the feet of Jesus?