Don’t hide it

What do you do when you sin?

Sometimes our embarrassment makes us hide it. We fear that if people knew, we would lose out. However, guilt and fear hinder us from enjoying life. Plus, when found out, we get into more trouble.

Proverbs 28:13 (https://bit.ly/3es8gmZ) shows it’s better to own up and get help. You will be punished, but you will be freed from guilt and fear; and the respect and trust you gain from owning up will help you prosper. Moreover, you can get support from the Holy Spirit and others to defeat the power of that sin over your life.

Don’t hide your sin, it’s not worth it!



It’s hard to make choices in life – there are so many options. How do you know which one is right?

Proverbs 28:11 (https://bit.ly/3ercMSF) shows us that people who have it all, think they know best because of all they’ve achieved, so they will do whatever THEY THINK is best. Wisdom is far better than wealth though, because it helps you see through silly ideas and ignore lies to get to the real truth, and not just your own clever ideas.

Don’t let your wealth deceive you into thinking you know best, seek wisdom that helps you make good choices.



Do you want God to answer your prayers?
Of course you do.

There is one thing that we sometimes do that prevents us from seeing those answers. If we refuse to listen to what God says in His word and by His Spirit, how can we expect Him to delight in what we say to Him?

Check Proverbs 28:9! (https://bit.ly/2TP7FUB)

God cares more about our obedience than our religious acts. Now if you obey Him, He will not always answer your prayers in the way you want, but you stand more chance of Him being pleased to bless you, than if you are ignoring Him.


The good life

How can I get the most from my life?
Don’t you want that?

Often, we are jealous of rich and famous people, thinking our lives would be better if we had what they have. Rarely do we think the same about a poor person!

Proverbs 28:6 (https://bit.ly/2TP6MeJ) challenges us that being poor can be better. If getting rich requires us to go against God and hurt others, it would be better to stay poor. For what you gain in wealth, doesn’t compare to what you lose when living a life of sin.

Live a life that honours God and others, and you will find true blessing.