Read Romans 10:14-15 (http://bit.ly/2QmhN6S)

Verses 14-15 reminds us that people cannot come to know Jesus unless they are told about Him and for that to happen someone must be sent to share the Good News. It goes on to say how beautiful are the feet which bring Good News.

If I truly believe in Jesus and salvation, I will share Him with others. My commitment for 2019 (and it would be amazing if you decided to do the same) is to make my feet beautiful, not with a pedicure but by sharing God’s Good News with others.

Let’s make 2019 a year of telling the Good News.



Read Romans 10:10-13 (http://bit.ly/2GzeyVW)

In the news we often read about people who are murderers, who are corrupt and people who have abused others etc. and verse 13 challenges me to remember that these people can know Jesus.

‘Anyone who calls on the Lord will be saved.’

God’s salvation is not limited to those who have a certain life style or do specific things, it does not discriminate. It is accessible for all, it is about believing in Jesus before behaving for Jesus. In 2019 how will you, a Jesus follower, share the possibility for salvation for everyone.



Read Romans 10:5-9 (http://bit.ly/2GxFANf)

Today it can be so hard to trust things – tv adverts, politicians and even what people say. Promises get made and broken without a second thought. However with God this is different, He is faithful to His promises. Verse 9 tells us that if we confess with our mouth and believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord we will be saved.

Knowing that Jesus is Lord can be hard, but we must remember it and trust Him in the toughest situations. Real faith is trusting God when it is the hardest. How will you trust that Jesus is Lord in 2019?


My Dad

My dad’s bigger than your dad.
My dad’s as tall as the moon,
as strong as the wind,
as wide as the sky.
You should see my dad!
He’s got stars in his fists.
He bends rainbows on his knee.
When he breathes, clouds move.

He’s good is my dad.
You can’t scare him with the dark.
You can’t scare him with guns or sticks.
He makes bullies say sorry
just by staring.
Big green monsters fall asleep on his lap.
Ghosts start haunting each other.

My dad’s been everywhere
but he says he likes the world.
Earth people are fun, he says.
My dad knows more than teacher.
He knows everything.
He knows what you’re thinking,
even when you try to trick him
by thinking something else.
If you tell a lie
my dad says he can tell
by the look on your face.

My dad’s the best dad ever.
I say I love him
a million times a million
times a million times a million trillion.
My dad says he loves me
a billion trillion times more than that
My dad likes to love.
My dad made the world.

My Dad by Steve Turner, from Poems, Lion, 2002