Abominable follows the story of Yi as she tries to get a Yeti, Everest, to his family. We also discover that Yi wishes to visit all the bucket list items her late dad left for her. Along the way they have many obstacles and adventures.

When Yi finally gets Everest home, she realises that she actually went to all of the places on the bucket list!

Life can be chaotic and confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to know where we’re headed. But God always knows, always has a plan and often it is only in looking back that we see how beautifully he has orchestrated things.



Star Wars Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker

#spoileralert for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest Star Wars movie! This movie is jam packed with themes of redemption and forgiveness and it’s hard not to draw similarities to the gospel. In particular, we see Kylo Ren wresting with his past decisions and being given the chance to redeem himself. The theme of turning from darkness to the light is strong, and so relevant for us as Christians.

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve strayed; God will be there to welcome you home. No sin is too great for God to forgive. Just ask Him.



Christmas Inheritance

It doesn’t really matter which Christmas movie I talk about because they all seem to have a similar story: girl goes back to hometown and falls in love with the unlikely inn keeper instead of the rich businessman. Or some version of that.

I love Christmas movies, but they’re predictable. And it got me thinking: do we see our walk with God the same way? Has the Bible become stale and predictable to you? If so, ask God to open your eyes to the excitement and glory of it all.

Don’t let the gospel become a dull story – it’s alive and active!



Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw

In this spin off of the Fast & Furious franchise, we see Hobbs and Shaw being forced, in a way, to work together – and if you have watched the last few movies, you will know that these two don’t get along. #SpoilerAlert – they do become unlikely friends.

Did you know that we are pretty much an unlikely friend of God’s? Sin stops each one of us from being in relationship with the Creator – BUT JESUS! Thank God for Jesus right!? Through Him, we are able to be friends and children of God – no longer slaves to sin!

Read John 15:15 (http://bit.ly/2QmvTEW)