Last big word, for now: God is omnipresent.
He is everywhere, all the time. That seems a bit hard to understand. But that’s because we try to see things through our human eyes. He is God! All powerful, almighty, incredible God! The creator of all things, holding together everything in His hands. It’s mind-blowing.

For us, this means He is right here, right now, close to us. When we are lonely, He is there. When we need Him, He is right there. No being blue-ticked or ghosted. God is with us, always. I hope you find comfort in this.

Jeremiah 23:23-24 (https://bit.ly/3nlsWRS)




Our big word this week: God is omniscient (can I even pronounce that?).
This means God is all knowing – He knows everything, from when you were born to your future children and their future children. There is nowhere on earth that He isn’t, and nothing on earth that He doesn’t know about.

This means He knows everything about what we’re going through. He isn’t surprised by the plot twists of life. We can take everything to Him knowing He understands perfectly.
How comforting is that?
It also means He knew every mistake we would ever make, and still chose to go to the cross for us. Wow.

Psalm 139:4 (https://bit.ly/3hYWVOs)




God is omnipotent?
Like, what does that even mean – #amIright? Omnipotent means unlimited power: omni = all, potent = powerful. So God is all powerful.

Understanding this and burying it in our hearts can help us when things feel out of control. 2020 has made it seem like we’re just small fish floating aimlessly in a massive stormy sea. But we need to remember that God is the one in charge: He always has been, He always will be. When things feel out of control, we can find peace in knowing our God is the one who holds all the power, not the things around us.

Nehemiah 9:6 (https://bit.ly/3hS9KKd)




This month, I thought it would be cool to look at 5 characteristics of God and what this means for us. When the world wants to tell us who they think our God is, we need to know who He really is!

God doesn’t change. He is the same today as He always has been. Why does this matter? Simply, it means we can trust Him completely. He is dependable in every way. He will never change His mind about us: if He says He loves us and is for us, then He means it!

Malachi 3:6(https://bit.ly/2LhJfBA)