Am I worth it?

Think about this:

Since before God made the world, He knew everything you would do – He knew you would fail, deny Him before others, ignore Him and do your own thing – and He still created You.

He knew He would have to experience the punishment of sin and die the most painful, gruesome death to save you – and He decided it was worth the pain and sacrifice to create you.

Don’t ever think you’re not worth it. God considered all the options possible and decided a world with you, was better than one without you – despite the cost.

That’s how much He loves you.
Read Ephesians 1:4-7 (http://bit.ly/2YSlilZ)


Citizen of Heaven

Part of who you are is formed from where you come from.
Philippians 3:20-21 (http://bit.ly/2YUyd6S) says a Christian’s real home is in Heaven.
Your real identity is as a citizen of Heaven.

That means

1. You are away from home now, explaining why life is sometimes uncomfortable – This is not your real home.

2. You have something to look forward to, in all situations. When there, you will find real peace.

3. God wants and accepts you as Heaven’s citizen, despite you not being born there. You are Loved

4. Your character should become like HIS

So don’t let today’s discomforts stop you.
Be Bold and head out as a citizen of Heaven.



Our constant sins can make us feel like a failure – why can’t we follow God right.
If that is you – consider this.

An artist starts with an ugly block of clay and turns it into a magnificent sculpture. Until complete, you can’t see it, but the artist can. God is working on you too. He sees the finished result. His Holy Spirit is working in you to make a masterpiece.

You are a work in progress. The job is not finished yet.
You may fail – but that’s OK – God is still redefining you.
See the finished product that God sees in you and keep working towards that.

2 Corinthians 3:17-18 (http://bit.ly/2YXApuG)
Isaiah 64:8 (http://bit.ly/2YQEVLl)


Are you a Servant or Friend?

A servants’ purpose is to serve without question. A friend is about relationship.
Often we define ourselves as God’s servants, required to do whatever He says, without question.

John 15:14-16 (http://bit.ly/2YW7TcF) tells us Jesus does not call us servants, but He has chosen us to be His friends. He cares for us as a friend and has shared the Father’s heart with us.

God calls you His Friend, somebody He wants to share life with. So we serve Him out of love for this awesome God who sees a weak human like me as His friend. Let us talk with him and care for His desires as a Friend would.