Living out your faith means letting God be involved in all of your decisions. Living out your faith involves having a relationship with God (check out the #KnowingGod posts on how to go about this).

We need to be in constant communication with God about the choices we are making. His guidance is key. It may be difficult to follow it sometimes because we don’t see the master plan #BiggerPicture – but He does!

AND He works everything out for your good!
Read Romans 8:28 (http://bit.ly/2vHooLt)

Also: #WhereGodGuidesHeProvides
How are you involving God in all of your decisions?


Do the right thing.

Living out our faith can involve making difficult decisions, where we have to go against the norm and stand up for what we believe! This can be difficult and as I find myself in these situations, I know that doing the right thing can take bravery.

How do we know what the right thing to do is?

We go to God, His Word, and we speak to other Christians (what they say should be based on scripture as well!). Remember the world’s ‘right thing’ might not be God’s right thing!

Read Philippians 4:13 (http://bit.ly/2YZMaRb) and Isaiah 1:17 (http://bit.ly/2InBTaw)



Psalm 119:105 (http://bit.ly/1IKHNxL) and Romans 10:9 (http://bit.ly/2r9F0dD).

Imagine the world with no road rules or traffic lights.
Total chaos!

It’s so easy to want to do things our own way and at our own time, but that can also lead to total chaos. Thankfully we have the Word of God (our road rules and traffic lights) there to guide us and encourage us to want to live a life that pleases Him.

Our relationship with God begins with faith. A relationship of love and wanting to walk with God begins with faith. Believing in God, and believing in Jesus and what He did for us.



Read 1 Samuel 17:37 (http://bit.ly/2n3m95L)

The story of David and Goliath is epic.

Maybe like me, you are always trying to imagine just how huge Goliath was. I even wonder if David might have had his doubts and maybe he might have even wanted to pull back his statement to fight Goliath. But there’s something David says that shows he knew from the start that it wasn’t him who was fighting, but the Lord. In David’s mind God had already won, and Israel would share in the victory.

Sometimes faith will pass logic and what we see.
It’s about God’s power.