Check out this months’ Thursday posts #storyinmovies on two of the biggest MARVEL movies released this year.
Can you guess which ones?

ALSO – All the best for exams. We are praying for God’s peace that passes all understanding to be with you as you study and write.

Psalm 29:11
“The Lord gives His people strength.
The Lord blesses them with peace.”



God Smiles.

Do you know that God smiles? This could sound strange to you. It was to me when I first thought it. Here is the way I see it – we are made in God’s image. If we can smile, then God probably smiles too, right?

Zephaniah 3:17 says, “God rejoiced over Israel”. When God rejoiced He must have been smiling?
God smiles when we trust Him. God smiles when we are generous with our stuff. God smiles when we love each other in the proper way. If we are in relationship with Jesus – there is a permanent smile of God over us.




A whole new you

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be someone else? Or maybe just a newer version of yourself without all the hurt and mistakes?

Well, Paul tells us that in Christ we are a “new creation” in 2 Corinthians 5:14-18. God has made us part of a new world through Jesus’ death and resurrection. You and I are part of the future! So when you feel like life is dicult, remember that there’s a new world coming, and you’re part of it. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself this week, reect on the exciting adventure you’re part of.




God is a place of safety.

During the days of knights and horses, if an enemy attacked with spears and swords, the people could run and find safety in a stone castle with a strong tower.

Today we build houses with high walls to protect us from criminals with guns. But remember today that God is the best place of safety. We can run to God – because HE is our strong tower. God is like a fortress, a stone castle, a place of safety. Safety from what? From everything. Crime, fear, anxiety, and so on. Run to Jesus today – He is our place of safety.

Read Proverbs 18:10