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The movie Hitch which stars Will Smith is all about two peoples’ compatibility in a relationship. He helps people to change so that they might be noticed, liked or even loved by their crush. Naturally the movie ends with people falling in love when they are just being their natural selves. You do not need […]


How is your Bible reading going this year? We’re 3 months into the year, and our best intentioned plans that we made in January feel really far away. You might not be going to the gym as often as you like, and maybe your room isn’t quite as tidy as you’d hoped. But can I […]


Do you ever feel like you get overlooked because you’re a teenager?Maybe you’ve been bullied because of your faith, background, skin colour, or because you’re the youngest. Timothy was a young pastor who had been discipled and trained by Paul. He had a tendency to be shy and nervous – but God saw Him differently […]

Jonah 1

Read Jonah 1 (http://bit.ly/2zur2Xr). Jonah was asked by God to go to a city called Nineveh and speak to the people living there, calling them to turn to God. Jonah however did not listen, instead he ran away on a ship. Some people think that Jonah ran away because he was scared to speak to […]