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#GetCreative! #covid19

We’re almost a week into Lockdown in South Africa!How are you coping? How are you spending your time? I believe this is a time where CREATIVTY will be birthed!Isn’t that exciting?How can you use your time wisely?Don’t waste the hours away! Why not try: Make inspirational videos encouraging others.Use your whatsapp status / insta story […]

#washyourhands #covid19

Remember when #selfie was a new word? Now the new buzz phrase seems to be #washyourhands! They say we should wash our hands for 20 seconds. Some people came up with the idea of saying “The Lord’s Prayer” while you wash your hands. Pretty cool idea! Imagine the change we can make by praying every […]

Peace during Corona

Who thought 2020 would be like this?The whole world is facing a “common enemy!” How are you feeling about it? A lot of people feel anxious. And that’s okay – a normal human response.But I am so thankful that we have Jesus. We can put our trust in Him, no matter how rough the storm […]

Hardship as training

Have you ever got to that point in your life where the pressures of life make you think “Why Me?”. Why is God making me go through such a hard time? It doesn’t seem fair! Hebrews 12:7 helps us understand this. You see your parents let you make mistakes – they don’t always step in […]