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Faith in Action

Wait up! Before you rush off today, I need to remind you of something:“God has a mission for you today!” Are you ready for it?Today, someone needs you. Maybe you need to listen to someoneMaybe you need to encourage someoneMaybe you need to give someone a hugMaybe you need to give someone some of your […]


I don’t know if you have ever lost something, I lose things all the time such as my phone cable or my sun glasses. The storylines of Finding Nemo and Dory are about how far the characters will go for someone who is lost. Luke 15:8-10 (http://bit.ly/2VnDFO0) tells the story of a woman who goes […]

What kind of friend are you?

What kind of friend would you say you are?There is nothing worse than having ‘friends’ in your life who turn and run at the first sight of struggle.Proverbs 17:17 (http://bit.ly/2Vr4GQL) says “a friend loves at all times”. That challenges us to love our friends even when it’s difficult; even when they get that spot you […]


I’ve been singing an awesome song at the top of my voice recently and had it playing repeatedly at home- Hillsong’s “Who you say I am” has the refrain ‘I am a child of God’ and sings of the Father’s love and provision for us. Look up 1 John 3:1-3 (http://bit.ly/2Voppod) These words are incredibly […]