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Food from Heaven

Now this might come as a huge surprise and ruin your day, but there are no fast-food takeaway places in the desert. Okay you’re not surprised, and your day is going to be just fine but that’s not how the Israelites felt. Read Exodus 16:1-5 (http://bit.ly/2N38Fkx) One month after escaping slavery in Egypt, the Israelites […]

Star Wars Episode XI: The Rise of Skywalker

#spoileralert for anyone who hasn’t seen the latest Star Wars movie! This movie is jam packed with themes of redemption and forgiveness and it’s hard not to draw similarities to the gospel. In particular, we see Kylo Ren wresting with his past decisions and being given the chance to redeem himself. The theme of turning […]

Agree with God

Job’s mates didn’t always give him the best advice, but in Job 22:21, Eliphaz tells Job, ‘Agree with God, and be at peace.’ http://bit.ly/2t2vNc5. He’s pretty much spot on. Wisdom can be described or explained as agreeing with God. And when we’ve settled that His take on any situation is definitely going to be more […]

What defines you?

What defines you? So often we let the bad things that happen to us, define us: I’m just a victim, a failure, a poor girl. This is wrong! You don’t describe a phone by the fact that it fell in mud and needed cleaning. Neither are you defined by what has happened to you. You […]